Off-Campus 101

Roughly 6,000-8,000 of the student population can live on-campus. It is the purpose of OCSS to make sure that those students that choose to live in the Lexington community have the tools and resources needed when they do make the decision to move. 

The following is an outline of the basic time-line that students begin their process for searching for their off-campus home:

  • October- Students will begin to search off-campus housing
  • November- Student will begin discussions with friends on where they will be living the following fall. 
  • December- Students will go home and talk to their parents or mentor about living in the Lexington community. 
  • February- Students will start defining their search to individual properties by doing site visits and make final decisions on who they will want to be their roommates. 
  • March- Students will begin to sign leases after Spring Break. 

OCSS has developed a presentation to help students that are looking to live in the Lexington community for the first time.  Areas covered in the presentation are:

  • Who Lives Off-Campus
  • Budget
  • Roommates
  • Searching for Housing
  • Reviewing Leases
  • Staying Connected to Campus
  • OCSS Website

To schedule a presentation fill out the Event and Presentation Request Form.