Off-Campus Foundations

Whether you're a fresh first-year student, a seasoned junior or a veteran graduate/professional student living in the Lexington community or commuting from home can be a challenge. While the freedoms that come with off-campus living are plentiful, so are the responsibilities. Culture shock, community development, rental issues; leases, utilities, ordinances, safety, and commuting are just some of the issues that add to what can be an already stressful academic experience.

Our office has several resources to help guide you through the transition of living off-campus.

  • Searching for Housing- Know your options of where you can live, how to find housing, how to find a roommate, posting a sublet, and more.
  • Know Your Budget- Living off-campus can be expensive. Know what off-campus expenses you may have, how to develop a budget, and manage roommate expenses.
  • What to Eat- Learn about commuter meal plans, the Plus Account, and Big Blue Pantry.
  • Between Classes- Your on-campus and have time to spare, now what?
  • Tenant Rights- Know your rights as a tenant before signing a lease and what your resources are.