Roommate Finder

Need help finding a roommate? Check the post on the Housing Locator site.

  • Once at the Housing Locator site you will need to sign up for an account, if you have not already done so.
    • UK Community Members will sign-up for a UK Students, Faculty, and Staff Account (use your UK Email) and will have direct access to the Roommate Finder.
    • Non-UK Community Members will create a Guest Account.  All Guest Accounts will need a passcode to gain access to the Roommate Finder. Non-UK Community Members will need to provide proof of enrollment at their current Institution to gain a passcode.
  • After signing up for an account then you will click on the "Roommates" tab located in the top bar.
  • You will need to create a "Your Roommate Profile".
  • Once you have created the profile you can search other roommate profiles. 

Choosing a roommate is going to be one of the most important decisions that you will make when choosing to live off or on campus. As you decide who you would like to live with you, you will need to take a couple questions into consideration.

  • "Is this person someone that I trust my personal belongings with?"
  • "Is this person someone that I can trust financially to pay their agreed upon part of the bills?"
  • "Is this person someone that I can trust to not violate the law?"

You need to remember that each tenant is individually responsible for all actions that occurs within your rented apartment or house, including but not limited to bills, damages, and illegal activity. Any violation puts ALL tenants at risk of being evicted.

Use the following documents to help you in finding a roommate and living with a roommate.

Roommate Considerations
Sample Roommate Agreement
Once you have found a potential roommate, meet with them, preferably at the OCSS office or if at an apartment complex in the clubhouse.
Suggested Questions by WikiHow "Find A Good Roommate"

  • Are they early risers or night owls? Light sleeper or good sleeper?
  • What is their typical work or school schedule? (Will it conflict with yours?)
  • What do they need to feel secure (locking windows, etc)?
  • What temperature do they think is comfortable?
  • Are they neat or "relaxed?? Get clarification as this means different things to different people (and no one admits to being a slob).
  • What are their favorite/least favorite chores? How to do they like to divide up household work (chore list, just do it when they feel like it, etc.).
  • When should the roommate worry if they are not home at a certain time? Do you wait until morning to make phone calls or do you send for a search team if they're 15 minutes late from work or school?
  • Are they extra-sensitive to fragrances and/or odors? This may affect what you choose as cleaning products and you may have to hide your running shoes after going to the gym.
  • Are they allergic to anything? (Examples: peanuts, perfume, milk, flowers, mold, smoke).
  • Do they smoke, drink, or do any other kinds of recreational drugs?
  • Do they enjoy talking or do they prefer to be quiet all the time? Do they talk about feelings or keep to themselves?
  • Do they enjoy decorating, or do they not care about decorating? What decorating style do they have?
  • What kind of music do they listen to and, more importantly, do they particularly enjoy listening to it when it's loud?
  • How much TV do they watch? What do they watch? Are they fans of a sport team that you do not support or a sport you do not like
  • Do they like to share some items like pots and dishes or do they prefer to have separate everything?
  • How often do they invite friends and romantic interests over? (Are you comfortable with the crowd they hang out with?)

Facebook Posting:
Students have also told our Community Ambassadors about two Facebook sites where they have also posted sublets/roommates in addition to the Housing Locator to widen the search demographic. Please note that OCSS does not endorse these sites and recommend that students, faculty, and staff take all safety precautions when posting personal information and meeting individuals to discuss the sublet.  

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