Student Sub-lease

Need to post a sub-lease?
You have two different options on the Housing Locator site.

Option 1: You can choose to have your listing put into the Housing Search Database for free, 1 year subscription per sublet.
Click on your "My Account" tab in the top header.
Click on "Add a new Listing".

Option 2: You can post your listing on the Message Board.- Note that only if students click on the Message Board will they see your notice. 
Click on the "Message Boards" tab in the top header.
Click on a Message Board.
Click on "Add message board post".

Facebook Posting:
Students have also told our Community Ambassadors about two Facebook sites where they have also posted sublets in addition to the Housing Locator to widen the search demographic. Please note that OCSS does not endorse these sites and recommend that students, faculty, and staff take all safety precautions when posting personal information and meeting individuals to discuss the sublet.  

  • University of Kentucky Off-Campus Housing Subleasing
  • University of Kentucky (UK) Housing Sublets & Roommates

Tips in Posting:
Be clear-
List what utilities your price will include.
List if the price is per room or per unit.
List if there are additional fees for application, credit check, direct deposit or other.
List if there are additional fees for parking, use of facilities or other.
List if the unit is furnished, partially furnished or non-furnished.

1. Pictures of the space.
2. Pricing of last 3 months utilites and extra fees.
3. Whom the new tenants would be signing a lease with. 
4. If there are current Roommates or Roommates intended to move-in. 
5. Exact date of move-in availbilty and end date of lease.