Article V: The Executive Branch


SECTION 1: The executive power shall be vested in the Executive Branch of the OCSA. The Executive Branch shall consist of the following officers:

A) President
B) Vice President
C) Executive Assistant
D) Community Ambassadors

SECTION 2: Members of the Executive Branch must be full-time students at the University of Kentucky, and shall maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50. Candidates for position of President, Vice-President, and Executive Assistant must have completed one academic semester by the end of the semester in which they accept the position.

SECTION 3: The OCSA President, Vice President and Executive Assistant shall be elected in the spring OCSA elections. The Community Ambassadors are chosen through application by the Off-Campus Student Services Administration.

SECTION 4: All Executive Branch Officers shall:

  1. Uphold and know all aspects of the OCSA Constitution and its By-Laws.
  2. Attend and actively participate in all GA meetings, events, and EB meetings, unless an excuse is given to the Adviser(s) and approved or there is a legitimate University approved excuse.
  3. After elections each EB officer must shadow their predecessor until the end of their elected term.
  4. Perform other duties as may be assigned to their individual offices by the Adviser(s) or the President.
  5. Administer elections, programs, retreats, workshops and training for OCSA.
  6. Each officer must have one on one meetings with Adviser(s) once a month.
  7. Each EB officer must maintain four office hours every week except for the President who shall maintain five office hours every week.
  8. Be held accountable for working to carry out the purpose of OCSA and maintaining the greater good of the organization, the university, and the Lexington community.

SECTION 5: The duties of the OCSA President shall be:

  1. Act as the official representative of OCSA.
  2. Preside over all meetings of the GA and the EB.
  3. Take an active role with the Adviser(s) in supporting and ensuring all OCSA programs, retreats, workshops, and training for OCSA are organized and executed in an efficient manner.
  4. Direct and facilitate the EB toward creating a calendar of quality event programming with a responsible use of resident fees.
  5. Oversee the effective implementation of this Constitution and its By-Laws.
  6. Execute, coordinate, and assume responsibility for all financial affairs of OCSA with the Executive Assistant and Adviser(s).
  7. Coordinate a Town Hall meeting with all Off-Campus Students once a semester.
  8. Shall represent OCSA at Student Government Association meetings and report on the actions of the Student Government Association to the OCSA Assembly.
  9. Convene the Impeachment, Probation, and Suspension Committee.
  10. Work directly with the Adviser(s) to create accountability for all members involved with OCSA regarding their duties with the organization.
  11. Strategically determine the direction of the organization and lead the EB/EC in achieving positive goals relating to the campus, city and state.
  12. Develop and apply a working knowledge of the best practices in organizational management and budgeting and to provide consistent and professional guidance for the organization’s membership.

SECTION 6: The duties of the OCSA Vice President shall be:

  1. Assume the powers and duties of the President in his/her absence.
  2. Succeed the President in the event of the vacancy of that office.
  3. Aid the President in the execution of his/her duties at his/her request.
  4. Coordinate recruitment of new officers, spring elections and serve as Chair of the Constitution and By Law Committee.
  5. Shall coordinate all Executive Committee Meetings.
  6. To be responsible for following up on all duly enacted Legislation.
  7. Receive and attend to all guests and guest speakers of the OCSA.

SECTION 7: The duties of the Executive Assistant shall be:

  1. To be responsible for all OCSA funds.
  2. To advise Executive and Legislative bodies of feasibility of financial transactions.
  3. To keep complete, accurate, and current financial records, and submit a written account balance statement to the GA at the first meeting of each month.
  4. To assist the President in preparation of the budget.
  5. Keep accurate minutes at all GA and EB meetings.
  6. Execute all official correspondence of OCSA.
  7. Maintain the office, records, and supplies for OCSA.
  8. Arrange all meetings of the GA and communicate the date, time, and location to all members in an efficient manner.
  9. Email updated agenda to the listserv within one day of each GA meeting.
  10. Email minutes of the GA meetings within one day after the GA and EB meetings.
  11. Submit updated attendance records of GA meetings to Adviser(s) after each GA meeting.

SECTION 8: The duties of the Community Ambassadors

  1. Provide support and guidance on the needs of the off-campus students to the Executive Branch
  2. Actively recruit leaders for OCSA membership.
  3. Actively participate with OCSA meetings, programming, fundraising, and outreach.

SECTION 9: Powers of the Executive Branch

  1. The EB shall carry out and implement all GA legislation and pass legislation between sessions of the GA, with Adviser(s) approval.
  2. The EB may recommend policies or legislation to be considered by the GA.
  3. The EB shall have custody of all physical property and assets belonging to OCSA and shall exercise jurisdiction in assignment, transfer, and loan of such property at the discretion of the Adviser(s).
  4. The EB shall have final jurisdiction in consultation with the Adviser(s), over the interpretation of the OCSA Constitution, and its By-Laws.
  5. All contracts entered into by the OCSA shall be signed by the President and agreed to by the EB in prior consultation with the Adviser(s). All contracts pertaining to fundraising, revenues, and finance shall be signed by the President and Executive Assistant in prior consultation with the Adviser(s). The EB shall have the power to renew existing contracts and enter into new contracts without the prior consent of the GA.
  6. The EB shall be empowered to spend OCSA funds derived from fundraising and student fees when the GA is not in session, provided that the total expenditures do not hinder the routine payment of bills and that the EB has been given prior approval to make the expenditure(s) by the Adviser(s) and the Director of Off-Campus Student Services.
  7. The EB shall be empowered to spend OCSA funds derived from fundraising when the GA is in session, provided that the total expenditures not associated with routine payment of bills does not exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) per semester with Adviser(s) and Director of Off-Campus Student Services approval.
  8. All appointed positions made by the President must be approved by the EB and Adviser(s).

SECTION 10: Elections of Executive Branch

  1. The President, Vice President, and Executive Assistant, shall be elected by the GA.
  2. OCSA Elections shall be held in the spring semester prior to Spring Break.
  3. The Election Chairperson shall be approved by the EB no less than two weeks prior to the election, with the approval of the OCSA Adviser(s).
  4. The procedure for electing the Officers is as follows:
    1. The election shall be held four weeks prior to the end of the academic semester.
    2. The EB shall announce elections three weeks prior to the elections.
    3. Candidates for the office must announce their intent by submitting an application no less than one week prior to the election debate.
    4. Candidates must shadow the person holding the position they are running for one hour by the date of the election. 
    5. The Election Chairperson shall allot each candidate time to speak to the General Assembly on the day of the elections.  The Election Chairperson may determine the time limit given to each candidate for a speech.  The Election Chairperson must notify the candidate of this time limit not less than twenty-four hours prior to elections.  The Election Chairperson must allow for a question and answer session and must specify any time limit for such a session.  After this time limit, the Election Chairperson must ask for a motion and a second from the General Assembly to continue the question and answer session.
    6. Candidates may begin campaigning one week before election date.  Outside of General Assembly meetings, candidates may only campaign verbally.  On election date, candidates may hand out flyers and/or other miscellaneous campaign materials. 
    7. Oath of Office - All EB officers shall be required to take an oath of office before assuming office.  The oath office shall be: “I, _________, do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the Office to which I have been elected, and will to the best of my ability, preserve and uphold the OCSA Constitution and represent the University of Kentucky with dignity and honor.”

SECTION 11: Executive Branch Meetings

  1. The EB shall meet regularly throughout the semester on a schedule created by the EB with the approval of the Advisor(s).  The EB shall meet a minimum of twice each month. The President shall establish agendas for the EB meetings.
  2. Any outside person wishing to speak at an EB meeting must inform the President two days prior to EB meeting and shall be given at least five minutes during which they may address the EB.
  3. The President has the right to call an emergency EB meeting with at least a 24 hour notice upon the approval of the Adviser(s).
  4. The President has the right to cancel an EB meeting with at least a 24 hour notice upon the approval of the Adviser(s).

SECTION 12: Vacancy of Executive Branch

  1. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of President. A special election shall be held to elect a new President, the Vice President shall assume the presidential duties temporarily and resume their Vice President duties when the new President is elected.
  2. The remaining EB officers may apply and become candidates for any open EB positions.
  3. In the event of a vacancy in the positions of President, Vice President, or Executive Assistant, the remaining Officers shall publicize the vacancy and accept applications for one week after the official announcement of the vacancy. The vacancy shall be filled by election held in the GA no more than four weeks after the position is vacated.
  4. Remaining EB officers shall take over the duties of vacant EB positions until that position(s) are filled.
  5. In the event of a vacancy occurring over an approved University intermission, the EB, with consultation of the Adviser(s) will have the right to elect a new officer.