Article IX: Impeachment, Removal from Office, and Recall


SECTION 1: Grounds for impeachment and removal from office shall be: Malfeasance of office, violations of duly enacted regulations, and/or other Legislation of the OCSA.

SECTION 2: Members of the OCSA subject to impeachment and removal from office shall be all elected or appointed members of the Executive Branch and Executive Committee.

SECTION 3: A motion to impeach any member of OCSA serving under this Constitution must be made and seconded by any member of the voting Assembly.

SECTION 4: A three-fourths (3/4) majority vote is required for removal from office.

SECTION 5: Upon the third unexcused absence, the Assembly member will face automatic impeachment.

SECTION 6: The procedure for recall by a constituent shall be as follows:

A) Any OCSA member, as defined in Article III, may submit to the OCSA Steering Committee a recall petition stating the purpose and grounds for removal from office of any member of the Executive Branch or Executive Committee. The petition to recall will not be valid unless it contains the signatures of a number of constituents equal to over fifty percent (50%) of the number ballots cast in the last OCSA general election.

B) The Assembly Chair shall notify or exhaust her/his means to notify the person named in the petition within one week. One week after the person named in the petition has been notified, the Steering Committee shall declare the petition valid or invalid.

C) If the petition is deemed valid, the Assembly member named in the petition shall be removed from office.