Article X: Initiative Petition


SECTION 1: The off-campus student body shall have the right to initiate any act within the powers of the OCSA Assembly.

SECTION 2: Procedures of initiating an act:

A) A number of regularly enrolled off-campus students equal to five percent (5%) shall sign a petition to the President of the Off-Campus Student Association.

B) Copies of the petition must be submitted to both the President and Steering Committee of OCSA.

SECTION 3: Action on the petition:

A) The Steering Committee shall determine the validity and purpose of the petition.

B) The President will, if the Steering Committee determines the petition to be within the qualifications for a petition, schedule the election to be held within two (2) weeks of the validation of the petition.

C) The decision of the Steering Committee may be appealed to the Judicial Branch.

D) Public notice shall be made on the election no more than seven (7) school days nor less than three (3) school days prior to the election.

SECTION 4: A majority of votes cast in the election shall be sufficient to pass the action.