UK OCSS Student Sublet Flyer

What is a sublease? A sublease is when a property is leased by a tenant to a subtenant. "What is the Difference Between Subleasing and Reletting?
You can find sublets on our Housing Locator site. You will need to register for an account (free). 
To View Sublets:
You will click on the "Housing" tab at the top of the Housing Locator page and then under "Listing Type" click on "sublet". Here you will see all sublets posted by students that need someone to take over their leases. Make sure that when you are looking at the Sublet Ads that you are paying for either a room in a unit or you are paying for the unit. Ask to see the past three months of utility bills to get an idea of the cost. Ask if there is extra fees such as parking.


Facebook Posting:
Students have also told our Community Ambassadors about two Facebook sites where they have also posted sublets in addition to the Housing Locator to widen the search demographic. Please note that OCSS does not endorse these sites and recommend that students, faculty, and staff take all safety precautions when posting personal information and meeting individuals to discuss the sublet.  

  • University of Kentucky Off-Campus Housing Subleasing
  • University of Kentucky (UK) Housing Sublets & Roommates

Subletting Tips:
1. Make sure that when you do sign a lease it is with the property management or landlord. When you sign a lease with the tenant you are left open to be evicted or legal actions.
2. Make sure that you plan accordingly when your move-in and out dates are. You do not want to have your things packed and then faced with no place to live, because the current tenant is still there or is arriving earlier than expected. 
3. Make sure you have copies of all documents signed. 
4. Make sure you have a new Roommate Agreement if there will be roommates.
5. Make sure you know what you will need for the apartment and if the current tenant is leaving anything.
6. Make sure you are prepared for all fees, additional bills, or emergencies that may occur in the transition.