Rate Your Rental Results

Currently this page is under construction. Please review the UK Renters Guide. 

The Rate Your Rental has been provided by UK Student Government and UK Off-Campus Student Services in order to make your search for off-campus housing easier and to help you make more informed decisions in the leasing process. The Rate Your Rental Results will provide you with data and comments on property management companies/landlords who rent to large numbers of students. These results were compiled by a survey administered by UK Student Government and UK Off-Campus Student Services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for how Student Government or Off-Campus Student Services might better serve you. We wish you all the best in your renting process.

In publishing this information neither the UK Student Government, UK Off-Campus Student Services, nor the University of Kentucky endorse or support any company or business over any other; this survey simply provides a direct report of tenant opinions. Because the data contained in this publication reflects opinions, different interpretations are possible. The above mentioned organizations assume no responsibility for reader, tenant, or prospective tenant interpretation or reaction to the data. Nothing included in the data is intended to give legal advice. Comments presented in the comments section of the guide were taken directly from survey responses. These comments do not represent the view of UK Student Government, UK Off-Campus Student Services, or the University of Kentucky. These comments have been provided by tenants and have not been checked for factual accuracy. If you have any questions regarding the law or its application in a certain situation we suggest you consult with UK Student Government Legal Aid or another attorney service.