Wildcat Welcome

UK OCSS Wildcat Welcome Bags photo

Wildcat Welcome is an initiative to increase awareness and safety of the student population living in houses and apartments around UK’s campus. 

Wildcat Welcome was August 10, 2016 (second year). Tony Blanton, Carmen Cole (OCSS CA), Donna Gabbard, and three volunteers spent many hours stuffing roughly 1,500 door hanger bags with information from OCSS, Student Conduct, Lex Health Dept, Lex Fire Dept, Lex Code Enforcement/Lex PD, and SGA. We had 13 volunteers to step-up and assist us in delivering the bags out into the community. The volunteers met at our office at 1:00pm were we paired them up, gave them instructions, and sent them out into the community. All areas were delivered to by 4:00pm. 
Volunteers were:

UK SGA Garrett Bell
Lex Code Enforcement Officer Jim Fawcett
Lex Code Enforcement Officer Charles Reed
Lex Fire Dept Captain Vicki Herald
Lex Fire Dept Lieutenant Brian Lilly
Lex Fire Dept Captain Todd Blanton
Lex Health Services Gigi McCann
LexPD Officer Jerome Bean 
LexPD Officer Jesse Palmer
LexPD Officer Shannon Gahafer
UK Dining Alyssa Marlowe
UK Dining Katy Luyster

Areas focused on were:
Waller Ave
University Ave
State St
Conn Terrace
Crescent Ave
Forest Park
Floral Park
Westwood Dr
Westwood CT
Sioux Rd
Lexington Ave
Hagerman Ct
Stone Ave
Kentucky Ave
Oldham Ave
Park Ave
Prall St
Colfax St