Safety Alerts

While at UK students, faculty, and staff have several ways of staying alert of issues on campus and off-campus.

UK Emergancy Information:
UK home page
UK’s official social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter
The UK Infoline at 859-257-5684
UK cable channel 184
Digital cable channel 219

UK Alert
UK Alert is designed for use only when an incident disrupts normal campus operations or threatens the immediate health and safety of the campus community. Other forms of communication that UK may use to broadcast messages are:
•        Twitter
•        Facebook
•        University website
•        Local news outlets
•        Insight Cable channels 16 and 219
UK LiveSafe Ap
The UK LiveSafe is a free download to your Iphone or Android.

  • Share Information-- App users can submit tips for suspicious activity, harassment, or even a malfunctioning traffic signal, all with two-way text communications with the police. You can even submit pictures or videos with your tip, straight from you mobile phone. Tips can be submitted anonymously if you choose.
  • Have your friend's back with SafeWalk-- Participate in a virtual escort and monitor your friend's location in real-time on a map. Users can chat with one another or call 911, if needed, from within the app.
  • Navigate Campus-- Access a building list and receive turn-by-turn walking or driving directions to any building on the Lexington campus.
  • Summon Emergency Help- Call 911, call -859-257-UKPD or message campus police in an emergency from within the app. Safety officials can leverage location-data in an emergency, allowing faster response times!
  • Access Emergency Information and Resources-- Fast access to campus emergency procedures as well as on and off campus resources right in the app.

UK UKPD Twitter Alert for Off-Campus UKNOW
Here’s how the new notifications will work:

  • To determine when tweets are sent from @ukyoffcampus, the UK Police Department developed a heat map of high-density, student populated areas off campus.
  • When the UK Police Department is notified of information regarding an off-campus safety issue in a densely student populated area, they will tweet about the situation from @ukyoffcampus.
  • UK Alerts are designed for use only when an incident disrupts normal campus operations or threatens the immediate health and safety of the campus community, such as a tornado warning, active shooter, armed robbery, etc.
  • UK also issues crime bulletins which are emails sent to all students, faculty and staff to inform them of a significant incident or ongoing situation that could affect their personal safety or that of their property, but that UK Police were not aware of at the time the incident occurred.
  • Examples of bulletins could be a significant crime that was reported to another law enforcement agency instead of UK Police, ongoing reports of thefts of specific items like bicycles or mopeds, etc.
  • Students are encouraged to set up their Twitter account to receive text or push notifications when @ukyoffcampus tweets. In doing so, the system and process would be similar to UK Alert. Those who set up their notifications in this manner would be notified of the situation as soon as UK Police send the tweet.

Lexington Division of Emergency Management  
BeReady is a website designed by the DEM to help you have a plan when an emergency arise. Like all emergency management agencies, DEM operates within the emergency management cycle. This cycle has four phases: preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

  • Twitter Account @LexKYEM
  • Lexington Sirens
    • The sirens serve to warn the Lexington Community who are outdoors that there is a hazardous weather watch or warning, a hazardous chemical spill, or a Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program incident.
  • Local News
  • Local Radio
  • National Weather Alert Ap for your phone