OCSS Community Ambassadors

Hiring 2018-2019; UK Jobs Student Employment, DU00889

The mission of the Community Ambassadors is to foster and enhance the off-campus student living experience through education, advocacy, and involvement. Community Ambassadors are paid student employees who work with Off Campus Student Services as liaisons in outreach, program planning, and community building for off-campus students. UK Off-Campus Community Ambassadors are undergraduate and graduate students that reside in off-campus housing. Our Community Ambassadors strive to be the voice for our off-campus student population in issues that concern off-campus life.

Job Functions

  • Mentor Program
    • Providing mentors to incoming, first-year students, sophomore students (previously lived in the Residence Halls their freshman year) and transfer students to promote student success through engagement. The goal is to support all students to help them reach their full potential in their collegiate experience.
  • Community Outreach
    • Represent Off-Campus students at Community Meetings
    • Distribution of information and resources through marketing via Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, tabling sessions, and door to door engagement
    • Creation of educational materials such as Youtube Information Session, Off-Campus living Guide, monthly newsletters, and brochures
    • Assignment to Property Managements to learn about the individual properties and to be available to table for property events
      • There are roughly 30+ properties that UK students live, each CA would be assigned 5+ properties to be a resource for
  • Programming
    • Create, plan, market, and execute community oriented events and projects both on and off-campus
    • Assist in Office Programming such as the KWeek Welcome Events, Wildcat Welcome, Wildcat Block Watch, Party Smart Presentations, and First Steps to Off-Campus Living Presentations
    • Assist in Joint Programming such as the CCO Wildcat Clean-Up and SGA Off-Campus Safety Review
    • Assist in Campus Resource Fairs and Information Sessions such as K Week Check-In, K Week Resource Fair, International Student Resource Fair, RA Resource Fair, LGBTWQ Welcome Back Resource Fair,  Graduate Students of  Color Resource Fair, Law School Information Session, Pharmacy School Information Session, UK Leadership Exchange Information Session, and Residence Hall Information Sessions
  • Administrative Assignments
    • Office Hours- up to 10 hours a week
      • Attend staff meetings
      • Participate in the management of the Commuter Lounge
      • Answer phone calls and greet visitors
      • Research current trends
      • Participate with the Off-Campus Student Association
    • Office Hours are split in shifts M-F from 1-6pm, evenings, and weekends