Searching for Housing

Know Your Options

The University of Kentucky strongly recommends all freshmen and sophomores to live on campus.  Our Lexington community tells us that the best tenants for rental are those who have lived on campus at least their first two years.

UK Campus Owned:
Contact- UK Housing Assignments

  • Residence Halls- Price includes rent, furnished, water, electric, cable, internet, sewage, and garbage. 
  • Boyd Hall- Exclusively for upperclassmen.
  • University Flats- Apartment Style- 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom Price includes rent, furnished (Tempur-Pedic mattress), water, electric, cable, internet, sewage, and garbage. Not required to have a meal plan, has a kitchen and washer/dryer in units, and is exclusively for upperclassmen.

Graduate and Family
Contact- Graduate and Family Housing

  • University Flats- Apartment Style- On campus Studio and 1 Bedroom. Price includes rent, furnished (Tempur-Pedic Mattress), water, electric, cable, internet, sewage, and garbage. Not required to have a meal plan, has a kitchen and washer/dryer in units, and is exclusively for graduate students and professionals.
  • Roselle Hall- On campus
  • 625 South Limestone
  • 633 Maxwelton Court
  • Shawneetown
  • Greg Page Stadium View

Non-UK Owned Off-Campus Properties:
OCSS has developed a presentation called "First Steps to Off-Campus Life"  to help students that are looking to live in the Lexington community for the first time.  To schedule a presentation fill out the Event and Presentation Request Form.

OCSS Housing Locator is all you need to find your perfect place off-campus or a roommate. All properties listed on the Housing Locator have passed a city inspection by the Lexington Code Enforcement and Lexington Fire Department prior to their listing. Future and current university community members will need to sign-up for an account in order to access all the great offerings with the Housing Locator

With the Housing Locator you will be able to search for:

  • Off-Campus Housing Listing
    • Easy search & comparison
    • Pictures & floorplans
    • Maps & directions
    • Links to email, website & applications
  • Roommate Finder
  • Furniture to buy & sell
  • Sublet section to search & post

Also, get really familiar with your local tenant laws. Check if your potential landlord has been involved in any complaints with the Rent Board, Better Business Bureau rating, and if the property has Facebook Reviews.

Resources to assist in your search for the perfect place:

  • Getting Around Your Community
  • Lexington Crime Map
  • UK Renter's Guide- This publication is provided by UK Student Government and UK Off-Campus Student Services in order to make your search for off-campus housing easier and to help you make more informed decisions in the leasing process. This publication will provide you with data and comments regarding the perceived level of service tenants received from property management companies/landlords who rent to large numbers of students. The results were compiled through a survey of UK students living in the Lexington community. The survey was administered by UK Student Government and UK Off-Campus Student Services during the Fall 2013 Semester.
    • You can access the 2013-14 publication here. You can access the 2012-13 version here and the 2011-12 version here.
  • Reviewing and Signing a Lease
  • Know Your Budget

Questions to consider and assist in your search: