Locks & Alarms

When you are looking at a property to rent ask your landlord or property management about their safety protocols such as:

  • Swing lock or grade 1 deadbolt on exterior doors in each unit
  • Working window locks

You should always ask to see the specific unit you will be renting before signing the lease. When you see the unit test the locks!
A great article to look at for ways to protect your home is Apartment Security by Chris McGoey.

Security breaches can usually be prevented with the use of adequate door locks and window latches. Nevertheless, the best lock in the world cannot prevent the entry of an unwanted person if the lock is left unlocked. Students living off-campus should make certain they have adequate locks and latches and should be diligent in using them.

  • Always keep doors and windows to your unit locked, especially when you are alone, sleeping, or the unit is left unoccupied (even if only for a few moments). Most burglaries involve unlocked doors, so locking up is the single most effective action you can take to reduce theft.
  • Keep first floor, fire escape, and other accessible windows closed and locked unless they are equipped with security gratings.
  • Do not leave the exterior doors of your building unlocked or propped open. When entering or exiting, make sure all doors are securely locked. If you see a door that is not secure, make sure you lock it.

Students can purchase window and door alarms from Lowes, Harbor Freight, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot. They are easy to use and a great addition to security. Make sure your communicating with your landlord or property management when installing new security measures to your unit. 
A great purchase item is an alternating light timer for your home. A new product that you can use your Iphone or Android to control your lights is the Belkin Wemo.



Simply Click on the SafeWise Owl to go to Kentucky Safety Directory.