Property Management

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There are several different subscription packages available for individual property owners or for multiple property owners. In order to find out the diffrent rates you will need to contact Off-Campus Partners via email, Off-Campus Partners manages listings for the Housing Locator. 

Listing your house or apartment on the site is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Complete the registration form and a member of the OCSS staff will contact you. Individual property owners or multiple property owners can be listed on the site by registering on the Housing Locator website for a "property manager" account. Register Here.
2. Complete the registration requirements. Registration requirements include a property inspection by the Lexington Code Enforcement/Fire Department and providing the university with your contact information and a copy of the lease. There is no fee for the property inspection by Lexington Code Enforcement/Fire Department. When you have registered your account our office will be alerted and our office will coordinate an inspection for your property. Once the inspection has been completed and our office has been informed that your property has passed inspection we will approve your account to be allowed to list.
3. List your property. Once you have met the registration requirements, you will be emailed a link by Off-Campus Partners to log on, pay, and list your property to UK students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Tips when posting:
List what utilities your price will include.
List if the price is per room or per unit.
List if there are additional fees for application, credit check, direct deposit or other.
List if there are additional fees for parking, use of facilities or other.
List if the unit is furnished, partially furnished or non-furnished.
It is recommended to provide photos of the unit being posted not a show room.

Tips to managing your Housing Locator listing:
Create a binder for your Housing Locator account that would include links, invoices, pictures, verbage, and password.
Assign 1 individual to update your listing on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The most complained about issue by parents and students is that the ads are not the same as when they call the property.

Tips to getting your unit filled:
1. Drop the rent price below average market prices.
2. Do not have a fixed rental term...offer short term leases 4, 6, 10, 12 month leases.
3. Keep your Housing Locator Ad up to date. Check it every 2 weeks. 
4. Include utilities into the rent price such as, gas, water, sewage, trash, internet, cable, and electric.
5. Do not increase unit rent each year. 
6. Wave upfront fees, such as property administrative fee, property application fee, credit check fee, criminal background check fee, or security deposit.