OCSA Committee Application

Marketing & Social Media

  • Relevant Majors- Digital Media and Design, Marketing, Media Arts & Studies, Photography, Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies .....
    • Do you like to make flyers? 
    • Do you like to take pictures?
    • Do you have social media experience?

Events & Fundraising

  • Relevant Majors- Retailing & Tourism Management, Integrated Strategic Communication, Education, Art, Theater.....
    • Do you like to plan events?
    • Do you have great ideas to raise funds?


  • Relevant Majors- Information Communication Technology, Marketing, Journalism, Professional and Technical Writing......
    • Do you like to talk to people?
    • Do you like to present in front of people?

Constitution & Elections

  • Relevant Majors- Political Science, Diplomacy & International Commerce, Pre-Law, History....
    • Does Parliamentary Procedure pick your interest? 
    • Does creating election rules, process, and packets interest you?

Off-Campus Issues

  • Relevant Majors- Social Work, Anthropology, Engineering, Economics, History, Philosophy....
    • Are you a problem solver?
    • Do care about issues that concern your fellow peers?
List any campus involvement you are actively involved with (clubs, jobs, and activities).
200 words or less
200 words or less
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