Party Smart- Social Hosting and the Risks

Graphic of a man handing keys to a friend when drinking

Party Smart- Social Hosting and the Risks
This presentation is available free to students to learn the ins and outs of hosting their first event off-campus. 
Celebrations are inevitable: focus on pride, promoting safety, and preventing illegal and irresponsible behavior.
Social Hosting a party can be done in a safe and responsible manner. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the event safe by being a smart guest, community member and host. 
If you can't answer the following questions then you need to attend a Social Hosting and the Risks program:

  • Can the Code of Student Conduct affect me if I host a party off-campus?
  • Can be charged by the city $500 for hosting a party that is reported for a noise ordinance violation?
  • What are the protocols for intoxicated guest?
  • What is the hosting checklist?

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