Appeal Policies

Students who wish to appeal the finding of an academic offense, a final grade in a course, or any other action involving an academic matter must confer with the Academic Ombud before appealing to the University Appeals Board.  Academic Ombud Services provides a mechanism for handling issues for which no established procedure exists or for which procedures have not yielded a satisfactory solution.  

Academic Ombud Services is not intended to supplant the normal processes of problem resolution. Students should attempt to resolve the issue through normal procedures before contacting Academic Ombud Services; students may contact our office for consultation as the student attempts to resolve the issue through the normal processes.

The normal process for resolution of an issue is to schedule an appointment to speak with the course instructor and, if the issue remains unresolved, the Chair of the Department.  If the issue is outside of a course, or you are unsure how to resolve a particular issue, please call our office for assistance.

If the issue affects a final grade or some other action involving an academic matter and the normal processes have not resolved the issue, the student may contact Academic Ombud Services.  

Discussions regarding possible appeals are confidential, but once a student determines he or she wishes to appeal, all documents pertaining to the case will be shared with the student, the instructor, the eight members of the Appeals Board, and the Appeals Board Hearing Officer.  The outcome of the hearing may be shared with the Registrar.  For more information, please contact the Academic Ombud.

Please note:  There is a 180 day statute of limitations for appeals involving academic matters; there is a 10 day statute of limitations for appeals involving academic integrity issues.

The period for appealing a final grade from Fall 2017 will end on June 16, 2018.

The period for appealing a final grade from Spring 2018 will begin on May 8, 2018, and will end on November 4, 2018.