Dead Week

Please note that Dead Week Rules apply only to undergraduate students.

The last week of a regular semester and the last three days of a summer session is called "Dead Week." Senate Rule outlines some course restrictions related to Dead Week. Below is a brief summary of what is and is not allowed during Dead Week.

Allowed during Dead Week:

  • If the course does NOT have a final exam AND the activities are scheduled in the syllabus at the start of term, projects, lab practicals, presentations, and oral/listening exams are allowed. A course with a lab component may schedule the lab practical of the course during Dead Week if the lab portion does not also require a final examination (or project) during finals week.
  • Make-up exams and quizzes.
  • Class participation and attendance grades.
  • Regularly scheduled graded homework that was announced in the class syllabus.

Not allowed during Dead Week:

  • Papers, presentations, written examinations, quizzes, or final examinations (unless they are make-up examinations).
  • "Take Home" final examinations cannot be due before the regular scheduled final exam period.


How to resolve issues regarding Dead Week.