Steps to Appeal a Final Grade

Steps to Appeal a Final Grade

1.  First, schedule a meeting with the course instructor and be sure to provide supporting documentation for your perspective. 

2.  If the meeting with the course instructor does not render a satisfactory resolution, schedule a meeting with the Department Chair/Director to discuss the concerns. Again, be sure to provide any supporting documentation.

3.  If, after meeting with the Department Chair, the issue remains unresolved, or a confidential consultation is desired, contact Academic Ombud Services to discuss the issue.

Bring a copy of the course syllabus and any other supporting documentation to the meeting with the Ombud.  The Ombud will listen to the facts regarding the issue and provide insight regarding the facts of the case.  Additionally, the Ombud may request the student's permission to contact the course instructor.  The Ombud will let the student know his thoughts on the merit of the case to help inform the student's decision whether to appeal the grade to the University Appeals Board.

4.  Should a student decide to appeal the final grade, the student will be asked to submit a written summary of his or her perspective of the issue. The course instructor will also be asked to provide written details regarding how the student's grade was derived and details pertinent to the issue at hand.  The Ombud will then determine whether the case has merit.

  • If the Ombud determines that the case has merit, along with written documentation from the student and the instructor, the Ombud will write a memorandum summarizing the details of the issue for the University Appeals Board and explaining his decision.
  • If the Ombud determines that the case does not have merit, the Ombud will write a memorandum summarizing the details of the issue and the student will have 30 days to appeal directly to the UAB. In this instance, the University Appeals Board will determine whether to hear the case.

The Ombud Office will provide copies of all the case documents and the Ombud's memorandum to the student, instructor, and the Hearing Officer for the University Appeals Board.  


The University Appeals Board

The Hearing Officer will email the student and the instructor notice of the date, time, and location of the hearing.

At the scheduled time of the meeting, both the student and instructor will be given an opportunity to explain their perspectives of the case in the presence of the University Appeals Board. After such time, the University Appeals Board will deliberate and arrive at an outcome.

Within 24-hours, the Hearing Officer will be notify the student of the University Appeals Board's decision, and written notice will be provided within one week.