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This page will contain official or approved images for use in your Web pages on University of Kentucky servers. If your page is on, refer to them like this:

 <img src="/parts/filename.gif">

where "filename.gif" is the name of the image file. On other servers use:

 <img src="">

If you are using an image as a link you should generally include border=0 (to suppress the border some browsers use to mark links) and an appropriate alt string for text browsers, those with images disabled, or people using screen readers.

 <img src="/parts/filename.gif" border=0
  alt="your descriptive text here"></a>

You should refer to these images directly for your pages as illustrated rather than making your own copies! In this way you always have the most up-to-date images and you more easily maintain an appearance consistent with other University Web pages.

Our Web Providers Information has more information about requirements for Web pages for University departments and other units. The sample page there describes how to add the navigation bar to departmental web pages. Also see the University's Graphics Standards Manual.

Note that the UK logo, wildcat logo, and university seal are trademarks of the University of Kentucky. Refer to the Graphics Standards Manual for more information on their use. At this time, logos are not available on-line. Users must contact the Public Relations Office to obtain official UK logos.

These elements are available for compatibility with older pages and aren't recommended for new page designs.


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