Virtual (Online) Staff Training: Getting Started Online PE System

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Event location: 

Meeting room will open at 1:30 and the session begins at 2:00 pm. click here to attend online

Additional information: 

To register: 

  • Login to myUK
  • Under Course Catalog, select HR Training and Development
  • In the Assigned Subject Areas, select Performance Evaluation
  • In the Assigned Courses area, select Getting Started Online PE System VC
  • In the course date section, find the class date / time you would like to attend and select To Registration
  • Select Book Course



A few days PRIOR to attending a virtual town hall session:

  1. Test your PC connection by accessing this URL:
    • If the test passes successfully, you are ready for the meeting.
    • If the test fails, contact your local IT support for assistance. Provide them with the information from the connection test results.

If prompted to install the Adobe Add In, you must do so in order to attend the virtual training session.