Getting Started: Login Basics

Here are instructions for logging in to the online PE system.
1. Login to myUK.

2. Click on the Employee Self-Service tab.

3. Click on the Performance Management link.

4. Click on the Performance Goals and Evaluations link.

5. The Performance Goals and Evaluations link takes you directly to the Home page in the UK Online PE system.

I clicked Performance Goals and Evaluations but it didn't take me to my Home Page.  What do I do?

If the system takes you to the SuccessFactors login page instead of your Home page, you will need to add the SuccessFactors URL as a Trusted Site in your browser.
1. From an open browser session, go to Tools>Internet Options.

2. In Internet Tools, choose the Security tab, then click Trusted Sites, then click the Sites button:

3. Enter the SuccessFactors URL in the “Add this website to the zone” field, and click the Add button. The URL is

4. Click the Close button on the Trusted Sites screen, then the OK button on the Internet Options page to complete the process.

5. If you cannot change browser settings, contact your department’s desktop support team for assistance in adding the trusted site.
You can also try a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, as a solution.
If you are still unable to acccess your PE Home Page, contact for assistance.