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For questions about the actual performance evaluation process: 
contact Bill Verble at or (859) 257-5066.

Supervisors: To report problems or inaccuracies in myUK Manager Self-Service (listing of direct reports/team members), please notify the SAP HR Support team by completing this contact/help form

For questions or assistance with issues not listed in the Help & Troubleshooting section below, contact

Help & Troubleshooting

Below are some common topics that come up when using the new PE system.

Problems with Pop-Ups

Issue: I click on the PE link in Employee Self Service (ESS) or Manager Self Service (MSS) and a window pops up briefly, then goes away or I get a "pop-up blocked" message.

Resolution for Internet Explorer

Please make sure your internet browser security, pop-ups, and tabbed browsing settings are not preventing the link from opening.

  • Select Tools
  • Internet Options
  • From the General tab, in the Tab section, click on Settings
  • From the Tabbed Browing Settings window in the section "When a pop-up is encountered", select "Always open pop-ups in a new tab"
  • Click OK
  • Click OK again

The link for the PE system should now work. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your department's desktop support team for assistance.

Resolution for Chrome

  • Select the icon (three horizontal lines) in the far right of the address bar
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down the page and click the Show Advance Settings Link
  • A new window appears, scroll to Pop-ups
  • Select Always Allow pop-ups. Note: Adding the SuccessFactors or myUK as an expection to the Do Not Allow Pop-ups does not appear to work
  • Click Done
  • Close the Settings tab

The link for the PE system should now work. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your department's desktop support team for assistance.

I can't access the PE system through myUK Online Portal (ESS, or MSS).

Issue: I have checked or changed my browser settings and still can't access the link through Employee Self Service (ESS) or Manager Self Service (MSS).

Resolution: Send an email to  Someone will contact you to assist with this issue. 

I lost my scroll bar!

Issue: Once I access the PE website, I no longer have a scroll bar.

Resolution: Please make sure your internet browser security, pop-ups, tabbed browsing settings are not preventing the link from opening.

  • Select Tools
  • Internet Options
  • From the General tab, in the Tab section, click on Settings
  • From the Tabbed Browsing Settings window in the section "When a pop-up is encountered", select Always open pop-ups in a new tab
  • Click OK
  • Click OK again
  • Log back into the PE system and the scroll bar should appear.

I can't access the PE site via the direct link anymore.

Issue: I've been accessing the PE site directly and even saved the website as a favorite; however, it doesn't appear to be working. I'm entering the correct login info -- what's wrong?

Resolution: Convenient Single Sign On (SSO) has been activated, so the PE system must be accessed via myUK only.


Are the the times listed for the Performance Evaluation Town Halls/Online Events Eastern Time? My email is

This is John Buzzard (Human Resources) responding. To address the question/comment posted previously re: events, please note times listed on this site are Eastern Time. We have updated the events page to indicate this, so thank you for calling this to our attention. 

Are employees suppose to be involved in the writing/editing/updating and/or creating of JAQ?

Shari - Thanks for your question. This is Bill Verble responding. The process for updating and editing JAQs is managed by the supervisor and the department’s business officer or HR administrator. Many supervisors do involve employees in writing the updated information to ensure that it accurately reflects the job. However, it is up to the supervisor to determine when and how employees will be involved in updating the JAQ information.Compensation will then work directly with the HR administrator, business officer, or supervisor to complete the update/reclassification process.

Hi folks, this is Bill Verble, HR's PE consultant. In our new commenting system, the system moderators are only identified by the LinkBlue userid. We're working to get that fixed. In the meantime, we want to let you know who is responding to your questions from HR. "jhbuzz2" is John Buzzard, our communications officer;"dlva222" is Donna Vanover, our Training & Development coordinator and "wdverb00" is me, Bill Verble. We hope to get this fixed soon so you know more easily who is responding to your questions. Thanks for your patience!

Are any of the Town Halls or Online Events being videotaped and made available to folks that are unable to attend one of the Town Halls or Online Events?

Hi Ricard, this is Bill Verble. We've just posted the link to the recording of Wednesday's virtual town hall. We will also record the next virtual town hall on Tuesday the 13th. Look under Events & Training and you'll find a link next to the date of the town hall. Thanks for your question!

At present the JAQ does not provide detail associated with the date created or edited, by whom and the employee date of sign off with signature lines. These are Joint Commission and College of American Pathologist requirements. This was not essential when we created a "working job description" in our environment but now the JAQ is gospel. Are there any plans to update the document?

I see where supervisors are encouraged to view their direct reports in MyUK. At what time are supervisors to start entering the direct-reports' MJRs, competencies, etc. for 2013 review?

Hi Christine, this is Bill Verble responding to your question. Supervisors will not need to enter MJRs and Essential Functions - those will be imported into the PE from the Online Employment System (OES). When the system is available, supervisors and employees will only need to enter the job standards. Thanks for your question!

How best to orient and train staff working off campus, to the new PE system? Is the video-clip link on the PE page enough or, is there something in-depth for those who cannot travel to Lexington in October?

Hi Christine, Bill Verble responding.  We are happy to work with departments that have off-campus employees to ensure they get training and information about the new PE system.  If you have off-campus staff that need training, please call or email me directly to make arrangements.

Yesterday I attended HR's Performance Evaluation Virtual Town Hall. I've been trying to access my PE since then and can't get in. I've turned off my pop-up blocker as suggested, but when I try to open the Performance Goals & Evaluations page it quickly closes. Didn't you say that we could go ahead an look at our MJR's?

Hi Gwen, Bill Verble responding.  It sounds like an issue with the settings for your browser.  If you are using Internet Explorer, we suggest putting the link for the PE site ( in the Trusted Sites area.  Trusted Sites is found under the Tools dropdown in Internet Options if you are using Internet Explorer 8.  If you are still having problems accessing the system, contact the SAP support team at for further assistance.  Thanks for your question.

I have noticed that all staff training in October is taking place in McVey Hall. Is it possible to have some of the staff training held in either hospital or the Wethington building for UKHC staff in order to minimize time away from our work site?

Thanks for your question, Karen.  We scheduling workshops in the coming months throughout locations around campus and UKHC.  Please continue to check our website as training dates and locations are added.  If there's a specific location you want to have training, please contact me directly and we'll try to get sessions scheduled there.

Hi! I cannot log in to my "Performance Goals and Evaluations." I use UKY for Company ID and enter my linkblue id and password. A screen then tells me to re-enter them (invalid name and password). Is entry contingent upon completing the classroom training, or should I be able to access now? If I should be able to view my information, who do I contact - my dept. IT or someone else?

Hi Christine, The first time you log in to the system, you will enter your linkblue id as BOTH the username and the password. For example, if your userid is jdoe00, you would enter jdoe00 as the username and jdoe00 as the password. (Also enter UKY as the company ID.)  You will then see a pop-up window prompting you to change the password.  It will be a separate password from your myUK password, though you can change it to your myUK password. You can also got to this link for steps on accessing the system:

If you are still unable to log in, contact email the inbox for further assistance.

When I click on "performance goals and evaluations" nothing opens.

Hi Paula, this happens with certain browser settings. We pulled information from our Troubleshooting Guide to assist with this problem. Go to to see the steps for addressing the disappearing window.

Everyone I have talked to (in APAT/UKIT) has had the MJRs appear twice in their goals for a total weight of 200%

Hi Wayne, this problem was fixed with a number of people.  Check with Sharon Welch ( in Compensation to see if this has been fixed in the online JAQ for your position.  If it has, then it should be fixed in the PE system with the next update.

I am unable to login using my UK user ID and password

Hi Sharon,

You will enter your id as BOTH the username and the password. For example, if your userid is jdoe00, you would enter jdoe00 as the username and jdoe00 as the password. (Also enter UKY as the company ID.)  You will then see a pop-up window prompting you to change the password.  It will be a separate password from your myUK password, though you can change it to your myUK password.

Company ID: UKY

Username: jdoe00

Password: jdoe00

This should get you in to the system. Thanks!


In MyUK Training I noticed there are Virtual Classroom Training sessions for "Getting Started Online PE System" and "Online PE System: Faculty/Supervisors" courses. However, there does not seem to be a link to watch/book the course. Are these courses only available in the classroom setting? If so, why is Virtual Classroom Training listed?

Hi Amy, our apologies for the confusion.  There have been some virtual classes previously offered.  We are continuing to add classes to the calendar, including a Getting Started virtual and an Online PE System: Faculty/Supervisors virtual for some time in December.  Please check back on our Events and Training page for new classes.

I have an employee that needs to change his last name in his personal information area, due to being misspelled. The system will not allow an individual to edit their name like they are able to edit other areas(addresses, phone, etc.) Can you tell me how this name edit can be accomplished?

Thanks for your question. The employee needs to see the department business officer or time administrator.  Either of these unit personnel will have the access to change the spelling of the name.  Names should be the same as the name certified to on the I-9 paperwork created during the new hire process.


I am unable to access this link. Several in my office are also having a problem. The page appears and and then disappears. Is this a browser issue?

Hi Linda, This is usually due to browser settings.Check the instructions on this page -  This should fix the problem.

I received an e-mail from Kim Wilson saying I needed to update my information. I logged into my performance management tab and updated my password. It says I'm all caught up under the "to do" tile. However, there is no information (goal plans, PE, JAQ, etc.) for me to review and/or update. Do I need to contact my supervisor or our department's personnel manager?

Hi Dustin, make sure you are in the correct place to view your MJR information. Your MJRs, Essential Functions, and Weights will appear in the University Goal Plan (for Campus employees) or the UK Healthcare Staff Goal Plan (for HealthCare employees).

See Step 7 in the Login Instructions for the Switch Plans area to get to your goal plan.  If your MJRs are incorrect, contact your department HR manager to have them updated in the JAQ.

Thanks for your question!

This is nearly impossible to nagivate. The screen will not scroll down to show all the Essential Functions required for my job. It's also difficult to go from screen to screen. It is not a good system and needs to be reworked before the official roll-out. If this is already going to be used then a detailed map and instructions are needed.

Hi John - Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the PE site.  The problem with the scroll bar not appearing occurs with certain browser settings in Internet Explorer. Below are the specific steps to correct the problem in Explorer.  Also, you are welcome to attend one of the workshops listed in our Events and Training page to learn more about the system.

  • Access Internet Explorer
  • Select Tools / Internet Options
  • Select the Settings button in the Tabs section (see photo – highlighted step)

  • On the Tabbed Browsing Settings screen - Select Always open pop-ups in a new tab (see photo – highlighted step)


  • Click OK
  • Click OK again on the Internet Options page
  • Access PE site again – it should work this time.


It looks like the photos didn't post.  I'll email you the steps with the photos.

my position MRJ's do not match what shows approved in OES. So as the budget officer how can I verify that what my staff see in SuccessFactors is the same information that I entered and is approved in OES.

Hi Julie - If your MJRs were recently updated in OES then they will be updated in the PE system.  The next import from OES will occur early next week, so please check then to make sure the updates imported correctly.  If you have updated JAQs for your department and those updates have been approved by Compensation then you have met the November 27th deadline.  The updates will show up in the online PE system.

I can't get the access link for "Performance Goals and Evaluations" to work.

Hi Jerry - browser settings in Internet Explorer are usually what causes this problem.  Go to this page for steps to adjust browser settings to allow the window to open: Let us know if you are still having problems.


I am a new hire (as of 10/28) and cannot log into the system to update my information. I have attempted to find a "new user" link, but cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Liz - Sorry for the delay responding to your question.  You should already have a profile in the system.  Be sure to use your LinkBlue user ID as both the username AND the password in the SuccessFactors login screen.  Please contact me directly at if you are still unable to log in to the system.  Thanks!

Why was this rolled out the week before a holiday? And then you only gave us until the day *right before* a major holiday to fix any issues? My entire JAQ was entered incorrectly. Now my boss and I are both scrambling to get this corrected before holiday vacations when we already have other work deadlines we're dealing with.

Also, what is with this public forum for questions and webpage that looks nothing like any other UK standard? And of course we have yet another password to remember for this 3rd party site for PEs.
I am disappointed, HR.

Good morning, this is Bill Verble responding. We’re sorry for any frustration you’re experiencing.  Let me offer resources to assist with addressing any questions you may have and explain how the rollout of the PE system has unfolded.


If you need any guidance on updating your JAQ, please consult the instructions at this link:  Sharon Welch or Katie McRoberts in Compensation can also provide guidance on updating your JAQ.  We understand the confusion about what was entered.  The online JAQ contains the most recent JAQ information on file in Compensation.  Often times, departments may have a more updated position description that has not been forwarded to Compensation for the JAQ.  This is why we are asking supervisors and employees to check their MJRs in the PE system – so the JAQ and the PE can be as up-to-date as possible.


The roll out for the PE system has been going on for several months. Town Hall events to explain changes to the PE were first held in August.  In September, supervisors were sent an email and asked to access the system to check information on their employees and initiate JAQ updates.  College and department business officers have also received several communications about updating JAQs for their units.  Many employees have attended training on the new system the past couple of months.  We understand, though, that some have only learned about the changes and new system recently.


We understand the concern about having another password to remember and hope to be able to address this in the future. We are continuing to work with SuccessFactors so users will only need to log in to the myUK portal.


The PE website is the first HR site to adopt the new look and format we have developed over the past few months.  Other HR sites will be transitioning to a similar format in the next week. The comment section is one of many avenues we have to address questions and concerns with the new PE.  If you have other concerns you would like to address, please feel free to contact me directly at or at 257-5066.


Thanks for sharing your concerns.

should we have the campus core competencies anywhere on our PE website tiles. I can't find it. do we need to write a self evaluation on ourselves for that even if we are not being judged on it this year?

Hi Ed - Thanks for your question.  The core competencies do not show up in the Goal Plan you see now.  They will appear in the Performance Evaluation when it is released to you in mid-December.  That is when you can do your self-evaluation.  You do not have to sef-evaluate on the core competencies this time around.

This is a huge pain. Who thought it was a good idea to give people less than two weeks before a holiday to update JAQs? We don't have time for this. Too many deadlines.

This is Bill Verble responding. We understand your frustration. It is important to update JAQs at this time so that MJRs in your online performance evaluation are accurate when it is released in mid-December.  We have been communicating with departments, business officers, and supervisors about the need to update JAQs for several months.  The message to employees with the November 27 deadline was the final push in that effort.  Many departments have been working with their employees to update JAQs.  If you need any guidance on updating your JAQ, please consult the instructions at this link:  Sharon Welch or Katie McRoberts in Compensation can also provide guidance on updating your JAQ.

Please feel free to contact me at or at 257-5066  if you have other specific concerns.

I see an awful lot of complaints, but I really like the new system! I can see my team and all of their job descriptions (some need to be fixed). I wish we didn't have to log in twice, but really, it's not a big deal. I love being able to see the org chart and see where I fit into the "big picture". Nice job, whoever did it. :-)

You do not need to login to myuk to login to the PE system -- just bookmark the successfactor login url...

Hi Missy - Thank you for your comments.  We hope this new PE system will be a positive and useful tool for employees, supervisors, and departments.  A lot of people have contributed to the new PE and the online system.  We know there will be bumps along the way and will continue to address problems and issues that arise.  The ongoing feedback from you and other employees is much appreciated!

Will the online/virtual training for the new online performance evaluations be offered another date besides Dec. 3? I, and most of our KCP staff, live outside Fayette County. Thank you.

Hi Gloria -

Bill Verble responding. We will be scheduling more virtual sessions in January and should have that schedule out within the next couple of weeks.  You may also want to look into the Resources page on the PE website ( where we have recordings of previous virtual sessions, short videos on navigating and getting started in the system, and step-by-step guides that you can download.

Thanks for your question!


First time logon fails, entering blueid as illustrated in the PE login document, all I get is form reset and no error message. I am entering blueid username and password as stated in 1st time doc. Help appreciated.

Hi Woody,

Sorry to hear you are having problems.  When logging in to the PE site the first time, be sure you are using your linkblue ID as BOTH the username and password.   For example, if your userid is jdoe00, you would enter jdoe00 as the username and jdoe00 as the password. After you log in, a screen will appear prompting you to change the password. This is described in steps 5 and 6 in the login instructions at this link:

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact me directly at Thanks, Bill Verble

Can't find any performance evaluation class openings for staff, are they all booked??

Steve - More classes are now available in January.  Our Events and Training page has been updated to show the classes scheduled. Let us know if you are unable to find the class you need.  Thanks for your question!

why did you take out the lawyer button and spell check from the self evaluation. Most word programs automatically capitalize i as I but your's did not. The comment section stayed one sentence after i pasted a paragraph in it, so my PI will have to scroll through one sentence at a time to read.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for pointing out that the Legal Scan and Spell Check are not appearing.  Those functions should be there, so we are working to get them restored. We are also looking into why the comment box is not expanding.  However, when the form is sent to your PI all the comments will display, so he or she won't need to scroll through to read them.  Let us know if you encounter any other issues.

The next day when i sent the self evaluation to my boss, he said those 2 functions were there for him. So either you fixed it or, they were there only for supervisors.

Hi Ed - We were able to get it corrected yesterday and have verified that it is showing up on the self-evaluation step.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I see the listing for staff training sessions. I would like ot sign up for 1/14/14. from 8:30a-10am. This shows on your list but I don't see how to sign up. Please respond and let me know. Thanks!

Hi Yolanda,

Please follow these steps to register for training:
1. Enter 'Getting Started' in the Search Term field in the left column.
2. Then in the middle section of your screen the course titles will be returned. The titles are separated by delivery method -- classroom training or virtual training.
3. Click on a course title.
4. You may need to scroll down to see the full list of dates in the middle of your screen.
5. Click on the date of your choice.
6. Important -- You will likely need to scroll to the bottom of your screen to find the 'Book this course' button.
7. Click the 'Book this course' button.
8. Answer 'OK' to 'Do you want to book this course?'.
9. Look at the top of the screen to see that you have successfully booked for the course. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Hope this helps! Thank you, Anne

I have no MJR's listed on my employee PE. It will not allow me to send to my supervisor. What should I do/who should I contact. Thanks.

Hi Chad,

Please contact me, Bill Verble, at so we can look into the matter.  Send your name and position in an email and we'll investigate further.



When I click forget password the security question does not come up for me to answer it says contact system administrator. I tried to leave feedback but got and error when sumbitting that. How do I get my password?


Hi!  This is Donna Vanover.  You can send an email to the and they can reset your password.  Be sure to include your myUK login in the email.

Good Morning! tgiF. I'm addressing a question on Self-Eval editing. Once the employee sends the Self-Eval to manager, the employee may not access the Self-Eval for editing or update; is this correct? This is the case for one employee in my department; he called me and we walked through the Home page, etc. to see if he can edit the SE. At this point, is the manager, who has received the employee's SE, able to send that SE back to employee so s\he can complete some information as requested?

Christine - You are correct - once the employee sends the self evaluation on to the manager, the employee no longer has access to edit their self evaluation. The manager is not able to send the review back to the employee.  If the employee does need the form again, the manager can request it be sent back to the self eval stage by contacting  Please keep in mind, if the manager/supervisor has entered any comments / ratings into the PE, then they will be visible to the employee.   Donna Vanover 2/3/14

It appears that the "Performance Goals and Evaluations" link will not load in the chrome browser on the mac. It will work in firefox though. I've checked all of the browser settings and there shouldn't be anything preventing it from working. I just wanted to give a heads up.

Jeana - Thanks for your note.  We are recommending that only Internet Explorer and Firefox be used for accessing the new online PE system.  There are known issues with both Chrome and Safari.  Donna Vanover 2/4/14

I have internet explorer and it is still not loading the link...what level of internet explorer do you need?

Heather - As long as you are using IE 9 or lower you should be fine.  Also, Firefox will work to access the PE website.  We have a troubleshooting guide published at that might assist with some web settings you might need to change.   Another option is to save the online PE URL to your "trusted sites" for future use. The URL is:      Donna Vanover 2/11/14.