Required Position Review Process for UK HealthCare Hospital and Administrative Unit Supervisors

STEP #1 - Complete Review Of Major Job Responsibilities For Each Position You Supervise

Supervisors should access the online PE system through myUK Manager Self-Service. 

 Click here for step-by-step instructions.

STEP #2 - Update Any Incorrect Or Outdated Information

Because annual performance evaluations will be based on the job descriptions (Major Job Responsibilities, Essential Functions) you see in the SuccessFactors Performance Evaluation system, it is important that this information be up-to-date and accurate.

If the job description accurately reflects each employee's job duties, no further action is necessary on your part at this time.

If updates or corrections are needed, one of the following steps should be completed at the appropriate leadership level, depending on the circumstances:

  • If you find that reporting relationships need to be updated (for example, if the list of team members you supervise is incomplete or incorrect), please contact SAP HR support group at
  • If the position's responsibilities appear inaccurate or outdated, please report any updates needed to your immediate supervisor. At the appropriate leadership level, one of the following steps should be completed, depending on the circumstances:

    Greater than 50% change in duties: If needed updates represent a fifty percent or greater change in the essential job functions, a change request must be submitted through the Position Management system using the "Approval to Reclass – No Post Required" reason for request.
    Less than 50% change in duties:  If the updates to be made represent less than a fifty percent change in essential job functions, a re-evaluation is not necessary and changes can be made independent of Position Management. To accomplish this, please contact Sharon Welch, Assistant Manager of UK Compensation, to request a editable copy of the position description that needs to be updated. Simply return the updated position description to Sharon.​

We appreciate your involvement in this review process. Your participation will help ensure a timely and effective system-wide introduction of the new online Performance Evaluation.