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UK HealthCare Staff
Please review Major Job Responsibilites listed for your position in the new online system by Monday, March 31:
Step-by-step instructions to review your position's Major Job Responsibilities in the online PE system.

UK HealthCare Supervisors
Please review Major Job Responsibilities for positions you supervise and submit any needed updates by Friday, April 11:
Review Guide for Hospital and Administrative Unit Supervisors OR Review Guide for College of Medicine & Ambulatory Service Supervisors

Continue below for more general guides the online performance evaluation process (note: the online PE form for UK HealthCare will be available on May 1, 2014). 

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2. OR, watch the video: Published 09.19.13 – 9:14 AM


PE Guides: Online PE Process for UK HealthCare and Academic Campus Staff

1. View the online guide: click here to view the Step-by-Step Guide for Employees.

2. OR, view the online video:

UK Online PE System - Completing the PE Process for Employees

PE Guides: UK HealthCare and Academic Campus Supervisors

1. View the PDF guide: click here for the Step-by-Step Resource Guide for Managers.

2. OR, view the instructional video:

UK Online PE System - Managing the PE Process for Supervisors

PE Guides: UK HealthCare Registered Nurses and Nursing Care Techs

Instructional video, published 09.19.13 – 9:52 AM

Click here for step-by-step guide to getting started on the PE online system, with a focus on mid-year evaluations for Chandler and Good Samaritan bedside RNs and NCTs.