Additional Ways to Give

Monthly Bank Draft

Make a gift via a monthly draft from your checking account. To complete the online form: Print, sign and mail to the contact address at the bottom of this page. Please include a blank, voided check.


Payroll Deduction

UK employees can make charitable contributions to the University by payroll deduction. To enroll, use these instructions.


Electronic Transfers

Note: Wire transfers incur substantial fees. An electronic transfer through the Automated Clearing House Network (or "ACH") is often a more practical option. Notify Nikki Russell at (859) 257-3914 after you have scheduled an electronic transfer. If you are trying to meet a deadline, you might also consider charging your gift to a credit card or mailing a payment through an express carrier. Note that IRS regulations stipulate that contributions sent by private carriers must be dated based on UK’s date of receipt, whereas gifts sent through the US Postal Service can be dated based on the postmark date. Learn more.