Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities, closely held stock and mutual funds can be extremely beneficial to both you and UK. These gifts can help you diversify your assets and minimize capital gains taxes. Contrary to popular belief, gifts of closely held stock can create the same tax benefits as shares that are publicly traded. As with other kinds of gifts, gifts of stock can be directed to any area of the University.

Giving appreciated securities is a fast and easy way to make a gift to UK and get considerable tax benefits. It is almost always a better strategy to give appreciated securities directly to the University, rather than selling them and donating the proceeds of the sale. In fact, many alumni and friends find that the tax benefits associated with giving to UK actually allow them to increase the size of their gift.

Instructions to make gifts of stocks [Adobe PDF file]

Instructions to make gifts of mutual funds [Adobe PDF file]

For additional information regarding security gifting strategies, including closely held stock, please contact:

Ford Stanley, Senior Director of Estate and Gift Planning, Executive Director of University of Kentucky Real Estate Foundation
(859) 257–7886