Opening Doors of Opportunity

Over 150 years ago, the institution which became the University of Kentucky was established with financial help from local citizens. These philanthropic gifts began the University’s distinguished tradition of private support.

Founded on a commitment to benefit the Commonwealth, the University for Kentucky has been fulfilling its promise through the decades due in part to the generosity of those who believe in its limitless potential.

Today, private gifts to the University from alumni and friends help provide resources needed to ensure that a high-quality learning experience is available for all students who come to UK seeking an education and a bright future. This is a place where lives are changed.

Private gifts also help the University of Kentucky fulfill its historic mission in research, outreach and service. UK is dedicated to the land-grant university proposition to apply discovery and new knowledge in ways that address significant challenges in a dramatically changing world. UK is committed to improving Kentucky.

Charitable gifts not only help the University accomplish its mission, but when properly planned, they may also provide tax savings and other financial benefits for the donor. This web site gives specific information on the many ways individuals can structure their philanthropy to make the greatest impact at the University, while at the same time accomplishing their own personal financial objectives.