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Making Connections: Targets, Assessments and Standards-Based Grading DVD
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2014 Professional Development Opportunities

EdWeek recently published an article, The Superstar Learner, on their blog featuring the work of Greg Yates and John Hattie (Visible Learning and the Science of How We learn). We are beyond thrilled to have Dr. Yates as a featured presenter at our 4th Annual conference! This is his first visit to the U.S. in 25 years, so don't miss this rare opportunity to hear directly from the cognitive psychologist and author himself!
July 22 full-day preconference session: Visible Learning Inside - Leverage for Professional Growth
Visible Learning Inside conference strand sessions: •Why don't students like learning at school? •The importance of the classroom environment •Expertise in classroom teaching •Acquiring basic academic and complex skills •Feedback, IKEA, effort and valuing
Other conference strands:
•Mathematics •Science •Assessment •Literacy •Social Studies
View the conference website
for full details on strands, sessions, presenters, and registration.

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June and July, 2014

One-day short courses for elementary, middle, and high school science teachers
Aligned to the NGSS

Short courses for elementary, middle, and high school teachers are focused on strengthening content understanding, developing and using models, and using mathematics and computational thinking.
$125 for each 1-day session
Complete details here: www.rsvpbook.com/ngssshortcourses


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