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Making Connections: Targets, Assessments and Standards-Based Grading DVD
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2015 Professional Learning Opportunities

Our Spring and Summer workshops are here! Check out the list of Math and Science offerings below. There are over 45 days of training available - too many to list here! Click on the workshop titles for complete descriptions, dates, and registration.

Creating an Effective Mathematics Classroom (Grades 6-12)

Learn how to set up a mathematics classroom to engage your students, techniques for fostering math talk and instructional strategies that bring mathematics alive.

Achieving Success in the Algebra II and Calculus Classroom with Underserved Students

This 2-day workshop is designed to introduce research-proven strategies, activities, and assessment ideas that make a difference in student learning and performance in the classroom: building a learning culture, focusing on individual needs of students, and giving them all the best possible chance of passing the AP exam and End of Course and ensuring success in college-level courses.

Whole School Mathematics Program at a Glance

Educational leaders are invited to explore tools designed to determine the extent of implementation of the Common Core Mathematic Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice within the whole school mathematics program.

Operation: Math Basics (Grades K-5)

This game-based program demonstrates foundational strategies for students that they can quickly master, showing them that they can be successful at math.

Short Courses - Using the Number Line (Grades K-12)

Strengthen understanding of the KCAS mathematics content standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice while experiencing activities as a learner.

Interweaving the Standards for Mathematical Practice into the Classroom (Grades K-12)

Gain a better understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice while learning instructional strategies that will engage students and develop the level of expertise indicated in these standards.


Mathematical Modeling in Science with TINspire CX Technology

Engage in instructional strategies that focus on the integration of NGSS and CCSSMP4 Model with Mathematics using TI-Nspireā„¢ technology.

NGSS Short Courses (Grades K-12)

Our most popular trainings ever! New courses for every grade level. Strengthen grade-level specific understanding of content and science and engineering practices while experiencing activities as a learner.

Elementary Middle
Properties of Matter Developing and Using Models
Forces and Interactions Waves
Light Energy
Constructing Explanations and Engaging in Argument from Evidence (grades 4-8)
Life Science: structure, function, and information processing High
Engineering Process and Design Developing and Using Models including Data Analysis and Mathematics and Computational Thinking
Earth Systems: processes that shape the earth  
Planning and Carrying Out Investigations  


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