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Making Connections:

Targets, Assessments & Student Learning

An educational case study DVD

Ken Mattingly

This video presents a case example of changing assessment literacy practices at Rockcastle County Middle School. Ken Mattingly, a 7th grade science teacher, shares how he has implemented standards-based grading practices in his classroom and describes the tools and strategies he used to do so.

The RCMS principal, Jason Coguer, discusses how he worked with Mr. Mattingly to support him during the transition and how these practices have been adopted by other classrooms throughout the school.

Parents and students share their reactions about the impact assessment for learning has had on motivation and learning. They remark on the positive results it has on the students' willingness to persevere through challenging content.

The classroom lesson segment demonstrates how Mr. Mattingly uses the targets and assessment strategies with the students, featuring key ideas such as:

Ken Mattingly's Class
  • Sharing learning targets with students
  • Congruency of the lesson to the target
  • Congruency of the assessments to the target
  • Quality questioning
  • Feedback
  • Discussion and dialogue

Making Connections: Targets, Assessments & Student Learning is beneficial as a training aide for teachers and administrators alike. Teachers can see how to effectively use formative assessment strategies in the classroom, and the learning results that occur. Administrators can use this to work with their faculty to show that the transition to standards-based grading is possible to achieve in the classroom, resulting in improved student learning.

Length: 70 minutes

Cost: $150

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