Common Core State Standards: Implementation Tools and Resources
The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is pleased to announce the release of an updated edition of its Common Core Implementation Tools and Resources Guide. CCSSO developed this list of free tools and resources to point states, districts and educators to promising ideas and tools to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. This guide is free.

Spark 101: Interactive Videos
Engage high school students in real-world problems and highlight inspiring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers using the videos at In each video, a STEM professional presents a problem and potential solutions for students to explore.

US Geological Survey: Interagctive page for the Water Cycle
An interactive on-line version of the water cycle - with versions for three age levels. View the water cycle diagram on the web and hover over components and see popup information, pictures, and further links.

Mathematics Common Core Coalition (M3)
The Mathematics Common Core Coalition (MC3) has established this website to provide access to documents and links to material, information, and resources that the organizations of the coalition are providing to the public and to the education community about CCSSM. Teachers, district and state leaders, and mathematics educators can visit this site for information about the implementation, interpretation, and assessment of the CCSSM.

Free earth science resources

Maps, posters, PowerPoints, and other publications from the Kentucky Geological Survey to K - 12 classrooms.

TI 84 Calculator Upgrade

TI has just released an important upgrade to the operating system of the TI 84 graphing calculator. Once the upgrade is done, the calculator will be able to allow the user to key in and print fractions and other Math symbols. This upgrade is free from TI - just download it to a computer and then use TI Connect to install it on the calculator. There is also a Catalog upgrade that needs to be done at the same time. The upgrade can be found on TI's website.

Free STEM Resources

Through the support of Lockheed Martin's K-12 education initiative, Engineers in the Classroom, First Book and Lockheed Martin are partnering to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) educational resources to school and community programs serving children in need.

30 Songs of Chemistry

National Library of Virtual Initiatives

Human Footprint

What makes up an average human life today and how everything we do has impact on the world around us. In a playful, surprising and thought-provoking portrait of our time on earth, National Geographic demonstrates, in a series of remarkable visuals, what makes up an average human life today and how everything we do has impact on the world around us. In this unique journey through life, it shows all the people you will ever know, how much waste you will produce, the amount of fuel you'll consume and how much you've got to pack in during your 2,475,526,000 seconds on earth. It is a 92 minute movie.

Enhance Your Content Knowledge - Universe: How We Know What We Know

This free, two-hour, online, inquiry-based content module explores the methods and tools used by astronomers to study the universe and the various objects it contains.

"Why Do I Need This Math Class" poster

"Why Do I Need This Science Class" poster

Free PDF Books from National Academies Press

As of June 2, 2011, all PDF versions of books published by NAP will be downloadable free of charge to anyone. This includes our current catalog of more than 4,000 books plus future reports published by NAP.

'Kentucky on iTunes U' Now Available with Free P-20 Educational Content

The new learning platform is a collaboration among the University of Kentucky College of Education, the Kentucky Department of Education and Kentucky Educational Television (KET).

Tools for Ambitious Science Teaching

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Khan Academy - Template Library

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