Faculty Fellows Showcase

The following are a collection of examples of student work from various Facuty Fellows classes which showcase the multimodal communication skills and progressive educational innovation developed in our sessions.

GER 202 Language Posters 
Submitted by Faculty Fellow Dr. Brenna Byrd

HON 301 International Short Story 
Submitted by Faculty Fellow Morris Grubbs

Assignment Description:

Promotional Pitch: You will develop and present a “promotional pitch” in a 3-minute video or a 10-minute in-person presentation, designed to convince a defined audience of the value of reading a specific short story, cluster of stories, or literary short stories generally. The pitch, a multimodal assignment delivered near the end of the course, may derive from your term paper in progress or it may be an independent topic. Further guidelines and grading criteria will be distributed and discussed after the first exam in February. 

  • Rebecca Smith, "Sketching the Short Story: A Glimpse at What Makes the Genre Great": [Video]
  • Rachel Colyer, "The Short Story: Stripping Away Apathy": [Video]
  • Allison Pinkston, "ACOCW Coffee Class: Advice From Allison": [Video]


RTM 425 Human Resources Management
Submitted by Faculty Fellow Mika Pryor

Assignment Description:

Group Research Paper on Food, Fashion and Business Ethics with Presentation.You will write a 4,500 word (15 page, double-spaced) research paper on business ethics. You will have an opportunity to revise and resubmit your work after you have received comments from me on your information, grammar, presentation delivery, and other points. After all revisions are complete you will present your findings to the class. This will be completed as a collaborative effort with a team in the classroom. Each student will be given a specific role in the group in order to facilitate the process. 

  • Student Name Redacted, "The Issue of Body Image: Modern Day Problems to Future Complications[Paper]

  • Student Name Redacted, "Making it Stick: The Importance of Employee Retention Programs for Corporate Companies in The Food Service Industry[Paper]