Graduate Student Support

Presentation U! Graduate Student Peer Tutoring

Presentation U! strives to provide programs and services that promote collaborative leaning and foster academic excellence in communication competence for both undergraduate and graduate students.  Graduate Student Peer Tutoring provided by Presentation U!  is specifically designed to meet the academic needs of advanced students at the University of Kentucky.  This service is a unique opportunity for graduate and professional students to receive one-on-one tutoring on diverse academic subject matter, including writing mechanics, professional presentations, thesis, and dissertation writing, etc. with trained Graduate Teaching Assistants.   

Tutoring is FREE and open to all graduate and professional students enrolled at the University of Kentucky.  Peer tutoring services are provided  by appointment only and held at Presentation U! at the Hub in William T. Young Library.  Presentation U! Graduate Teaching Assistants receive on-going training on tutoring practices and strategies relevant to multimodal communication.

To make an appointment in person, please complete the following request form: Or, if you’d like to take make an online appointment and have your documents reviewed by a tutor and sent back to you by the end of the day, please visit for complete details and instructions for making an online appointment. 

For additional questions, please contact