President's Priorities

The University of Kentucky is an institution with momentum. And as faculty, students, staff and supporters of UK, you make that progress and momentum possible.

With new high-tech residence halls, concrete plans to construct vibrant learning and research spaces, an undergraduate core curriculum that is drawing national praise and researchers recognized around the globe for the work they do that changes lives and communities, the University of Kentucky has a vision to be a nationally recognized public institution with global reach and a commitment to our Commonwealth.

That's our vision; but every vision requires a plan.

The process is underway to draft the 2014-2020 strategic plan. The “see tomorrow.” A Strategic Plan for the University of Kentucky will help guide our actions, and how we measure our progress in maintaining and enhancing our momentum — in moving forward as the Commonwealth's indispensable institution in a changing and challenging world. At its October 2013 meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted the six progress areas:

  • Create a Vibrant Undergraduate Learning Community
  • Advance a High Quality Graduate and Professional Education Portfolio
  • Cultivate a Robust Research Environment
  • Develop a Strong and Sustainable UK Infrastructure
  • Create a Positive Work Environment for Faculty and Staff
  • Have a Meaningful Impact on the Community and the Commonwealth.

This plan will outline both the vision and the specific steps we need to take as we seek to leverage our strengths in compelling and distinctive ways to "see tomorrow."

To support our institutional planning, the University recently adopted guiding principles for our capital priorities. UK’s Master Plan is a community concept for the campus and was developed with the understanding that our campus, in its entirety, is more than a mere functional arrangement of buildings, roads, walkways, parking lots and landscapes. It has the potential to define a collective experience of place and community, which is an essential part of the teaching, research, and learning experience for faculty, staff and students.

We realize that while our campus is the Commonwealth, the University is in and of Lexington. We underwent this planning process with a community concept in mind and held several meetings with community constituents. Their input brought forth an impressive plan and guiding principles for our growth.

At the October 2013 Board of Trustees retreat, the Board adopted the following guiding principles:

  • Academic environment: creating a 21st century learning environment that supports the needs of today’s students
  • Campus life: enhancing the student life experience
  • Community: forging partnerships that strengthen neighborhoods and downtown
  • Growth: establishing a long-term plan for growth consistent with UK’s mission
  • Mobility: facilitating safer and more efficient mobility
  • Landscape structure: establishing legible open space and landscaping that improves campus quality
  • Sustainability: integrating sustainability in every aspect of planning

For more information on both planning processes, supporting materials and community input, please visit the dedicated Strategic Plan website and Master Plan website