2015-2020 Strategic Plan

Photo of UK's William T. Young Library

We have a compelling vision for the University of Kentucky—to be one of the handful of outstanding public, residential research institutions nationally, one with an unwavering commitment to our Commonwealth. 

To make that ambitious vision a reality, throughout the past year, students, faculty and staff across our campus, working on several committees, have devoted countless hours to developing the University of Kentucky Strategic Plan. We are very grateful for these outstanding efforts on behalf of our institution.

Their work has focused on the following five areas:

  1. Undergraduate Student Success
  2. Diversity and Inclusivity
  3. Community Engagement and Impact
  4. Graduate Education (we will address professional education initiatives separately once this process is completed)
  5. Research and Scholarship

In October 2015, the UK Board of Trustees met for their annual retreat to consider and endorse the University's strategic plan. Thanks to the work of the implementation team, the Office of the Provost and the many faculty, staff and students who participated online and through town hall forums, the retreat featured the following presentations: