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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Print Supplies?

Print Supplies works within Ricoh Managed Print Services to manage the sale of non-MPS program devices and supplies. All devices purchased via Print Supplies are owned by the university. Therefore, supplies and service for that device will have to be purchased by the department for which it was ordered. 


What devices do you sell?

We sell basic monochrome and color printers, multi-function printers, wide format printers, document scanners, fax machines, label makers and other related printer maintenance parts.


Can I purchase brands other than Ricoh?

Absolutely!  We can provide Ricoh, Lexmark, as well as HP printer models. Please see the Approved Device List for the list of prices UK departments can order from Print Supplies. If you have questions about the availability of a particular model on that list, just ask!


A printer I want to purchase is not on the Approved Printer List. Can I still order it?

Due to the university's endeavor to consolidate printer models on campus, only approved devices can be ordered from Print Supplies. All printers and multi-function devices not on that list must be approved. Please submit the Exception Request Form to to get your printer approved. Standalone scanners, fax machines, and wide-format printers do not need approval.


Can I order ink jet printers?

Ricoh's contract with the University of Kentucky only allows customers to purchase inkjet printers with special approval.  Please submit the Exception Request Form to to get your printer approved.


How can I get a quote for supplies or printers?

We are are more than happy to provide prices for items before you place an order!  You can request a quote via the Quote Request Form or by contacting Print Supplies by email or phone.


Do you sell printer paper?

Per our contract with the University of Kentucky, Print Supplies may only sell large format paper rolls.  Standard printer paper must be ordered through your department.


Are high yield toner/ink cartridges available?

High yield and extra high yield options are available but not for every type of cartridge.  If you have marked high yield on your order form and that cartridge is not available, the next highest yield (usually standard) for your printer will be ordered for you.


What are remanufactured cartridges?

Remanufactured cartridges are used cartridges that have been repaired (if needed) and refilled.  Because they are used, they are much cheaper than new cartridges and can be good for saving money.  Although they are tested before resale, they may not always be as reliable as when new.  We will always order new cartridges to ensure quality unless the customer specifically requests a remanufactured option. Re-manufacturer cartridges are typically Office Depot brand.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Customers may pay for their orders using a procurement card or check.  A purchase order must be submitted for orders over $2000.  COST CENTERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.


When will my order arrive?

Actual shipping time depends largely on availability.  Supplies orders usually ship within 1-3 business days and printer orders within 5-7 days. Some orders will ship sooner and others will ship later.  Because we do not charge our customers shipping fees, we cannot place RUSH or overnight orders.


What is the Invoice Label on the order form?

Many customers place orders for multiple staff members or departments and need a way to organize their purchase records.  The Invoice Label is a field on the invoice for the orderer to put whatever they choose. It is completely optional.


When will I receive my invoice?

We do not send out invoices until we have received delivery confirmation of your order.  At that point, if you are paying with a check you will receive an invoice with a balance due.  If you provided a procurement card, it will be charged and you will be sent a paid invoice for your records.


I need a status update on a recent order.

Not a problem!  Simply call us with your confirmation number at 218-1713 to speak to a Print Supplies representative or email


How do I return an order?

If your order contains defective or incorrect items and you need to place a return, call or email Print Supplies with the order confirmation number and a detailed description of your reason for return.  A Print Supplies representative will start the return and you will later be given an Authorization-To-Return (ATR) number and instructions to complete the pick-up.  Please keep in mind that all orders have a 15-30-day return policy.  If an issue arises after that time, please still contact us!  We will do the best we can but cannot guarantee a return.


How do I get service for my printer?

All equipment purchased through Print Supplies comes with a standard 1-year warranty and you will be able to call your printer's manufacturer for service (e.g. Lexmark, Ricoh, HP).  You may also purchase extended warranties if available.  If your device is out of warranty, you can call EBM (Electronic Business Machines) and you will be charged for service.


Our goal is to provide great service and the most up-to-date information.  We will continue to post more frequently asked questions to this page in an effort to create a more informed customer experience!