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Welcome to the Print Supplies Order Form! This form is for the purchase of supplies and equipment not on the Managed Print Services program (for MPS supplies, please call 323-5757). If you have any questions about our ordering process, please do not hesitate to call a Print Supplies representative at 218-1713 or email

We always recommend OEM/brand name. However, sometimes their are other less expensive options available like remanufactured, Office Depot brand and other non-name brands. If you would like price differences, please email

If you are ordering a printer or multi-function device, please make sure that it is on the Approved Device List or that you have submitted an Exception Request Form to Due to the university's endeavor to consolidate printer models on campus, only approved devices can be ordered from Print Supplies. Standalone scanners, fax machines, and wide-format printers do not require approval.


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What type of order is this? (Supplies orders can include toner, ink, photoconductors, waste toner bottle, imaging kits, maintenance kits, etc.)
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