Honors Program Growth

The Honors Program at the University of Kentucky provides opportunities for students to take challenging classes in many disciplines across the diversity of colleges at UK. While students will take Honors courses, the real benefit to being in Honors is the opportunity for a range of experiential learning. Honors students are expected to participate in two Honors Experiences, which may take the form of Education Abroad, Research and Scholarship projects, Community Service, or other approved activities.  The progress taking place within our Honors program is very exciting.

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  • The Honors program enjoyed a third year of record-breaking numbers this year, with over 3,200 applications (a growth of 18%)
  • This year's admitted students have an average ACT of 32 and an average unweighted high school GPA of 3.9
  • This Fall, we expect 480 students in the entering Honors cohort, a figure more than double the size of the incoming class from just three years ago