The Office of the Provost: A Resource for the Entire Campus

The goal of the Provost's Office is to be a resource for all of the University of Kentucky, with a primary emphasis on enhancing UK's academic excellence and its brand as an institution that focuses on the Commonwealth in ways that have a global impact.

Making those priorities a reality involves cultivating strong and long-lasting partnerships with the campus community and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, trust, collaboration, diversity and inclusion. As such, the provost's office is a resource for colleges, deans, students, faculty and staff at the University of Kentucky in many facets of importance:

  • The provost, for example, serves as the chief academic officer of the University of Kentucky. In that capacity, the provost oversees and guides the academic programs of the institution and leads in the promotion and development of a set of academic priorities that will be accomplished with the highest possible quality.
  • The provost also oversees academic support and student service units, including the Division of Undergraduate Education, The Graduate School, University Libraries, Student Affairs, the International Center, University Press and Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness.
  • The provost works closely with other senior administrators in establishing, implementing, financing and evaluating the major educational, research and service initiatives of the University. The provost authorizes academic appointments and advises the president on all promotion and tenure decisions.
  • The provost and team help ensure that the University champions core values such as freedom of expression; decency and civility; diversity of intellectual viewpoints and backgrounds; and a spirit of inclusiveness that should enliven a community while strengthening its stability.



Contact us at:

Office of the Provost
105 Main Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0032
Phone: (859) 257-2911
Fax: (859) 257-1333



Kris Hobson
Kristine M. Hobson is the Provost's Chief of Staff, serving as the principal aide and logistics manager for the provost. She has been with the University since 1978, spending a majority of her time working in the Graduate School, the Office of the Vice President for Research and, since 2001, in the Office of the Provost.


Ann Becker
Ann Becker is the Executive Assistant for the Office of the Provost. She collaborates with colleges, departments, centers and community partners to coordinate events, conferences, workshops, lectures and programs.