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Active Projects

Bike Lanes and Sharrows (What's a sharrow?)

  • Restripe all lanes on campus streets that are in poor repair.
  • Add bike lanes on University Drive from Cooper to Alumni.
  • Add bike lane and Sharrows on Patterson Drive (Rose Street to Administration Drive).
  • Add bike lanes and/or Sharrows connecting the Woodland Avenue bike lanes with the University Drive bike lanes.
  • Add bike lanes on Woodland Avenue between Columbia Avenue and Euclid Avenue.

Services and Amenities

  • Invest up to $20,000 annually in upgrading and expanding campus bike parking options.
  • Deploy three Fix It Stations to strategic locations on campus.


  • Distribute copies of Bicycling Street Smarts to all first-year students through Merit Weekend and the Summer Advising Conferences.
  • Develop public service announcements on various bicycle safety skills.
  • Organize a bicycle-related service project during FUSION.
  • Host an event during K Week to highlight best bicycling practices, teach biking skills and encourage bicycling as a mode of campus transportation.
  • Assist with funding a “Bike Commuting Basics” class, targeted towards students who need a refresher on bicycling as transportation.