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University of Kentucky Parking and Transportation Services: Bike E-newsletter
July 30, 2010

New Bike Racks on Campus

Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) just installed two new bicycle racks at the M. I. King Science Library. The 17 new parking spaces are located near the southwest entrance at the end of Library Drive. If you see an area that may need a bike rack or additional bike racks, please contact PTS at so we can monitor the demand and evaluate the need for bike parking in the vicinity.

Bike Registration Reminder

Since the bicycle registration program began a year ago, PTS has issued permits to over 4,000 bikes on campus. University regulations require all members of the campus community who plan to park their bicycle on campus to obtain and display a valid bicycle permit. The permits are decals, which are available free of charge. There is no registration fee for this program.

Bike registration has a number of benefits, including a reduction in bicycle theft and an increase in bicycle theft recovery, data for planning future bicycle initiatives and the ability to target bicycle users with bicycle-related safety information, news and services. The registration program also reduces costs to cyclists by allowing PTS to issue citations to some illegally parked bikes, rather than cutting the locks and removing the bicycles. Finally, improved bike facilities on campus will ideally lead to an increase in bike use, which will have environmental benefits extending beyond the UK campus.

Please help us spread the word about bike registration by sharing this information with new students or employees who plan to bring bicycles to campus.

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