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Ride Home Express Questions

What are the benefits to riding the PTS Ride Home Express?

The PTS Ride Home Express provides reliable, comfortable and affordable transportation to and from hometowns or break destinations during the three major academic breaks. The program offers significantly cheaper fares than airlines, and faster travel times than other major bus companies.

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Where do I purchase tickets for the PTS Ride Home Express?

UK students are able to reserve a seat via the Web by logging on to the Parking Account Manager with their Link Blue ID. All other riders must purchase their seats from the UK parking office in person. Tickets will not be issued. All passengers will be added to a manifest and will need to bring a photo ID to board the bus.

Prices are listed for round-trip and one-way fares.

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When should I purchase tickets for the PTS Ride Home Express?

Tickets go on sale approximately six to eight weeks prior to each of the three university breaks (see dates). PTS recommends purchasing tickets as soon as possible. Space is limited, and seats will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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The bus to my destination is sold out. What are my options?

In the event that a route sells out, PTS will maintain wait lists. If you are on a wait list, you will be contacted via email when and if an additional bus is added to your preferred route.

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My plans changed after I purchased the ticket. Are tickets refundable? Whom should I contact?

Yes, tickets are refundable on a pro-rata basis. PTS will refund a percentage of the ticket cost based on the number of days prior to the departure date that the rider cancels. (see refund schedule) For questions about obtaining a refund, please call (859) 257-5757.

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I am making travel plans for the entire academic year. Can I purchase all of my tickets at once? Is there a discount for doing so?

PTS encourages you to purchase your tickets as early as possible, as it helps us with planning! However, at this time, we do not offer any reduced rates for riders purchasing tickets for multiple trips.

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I read that these are deluxe motor coaches. What amenities do the buses have?

All of the PTS Ride Home Express buses have on-board restrooms and reclining seats.

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Does PTS have any restrictions on the amount or size of luggage riders may take?

Yes. In order to accommodate everyone comfortably, riders are limited to one large piece of luggage, one small piece of luggage and one carry-on item.

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The buses leave UK from Commonwealth Stadium, but I don’t have a vehicle on campus. How should I get there?

CATS buses will be available to transport students from housing areas to Commonwealth Stadium. After returning to campus, CATS buses will return students to their housing area.

Ticket holders will be contacted with more information on transportation to and from the Stadium closer to the departure date.

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Will the bus wait for me if I’m running late?

All riders should be at Commonwealth Stadium and at their return pick-up location 30 minutes before departure. Buses will not delay departure to accommodate late arrivals, so be sure to plan ahead and allow plenty of time for your trip to the pick-up spot.

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