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Enforcement Changes Questions

University of Kentucky Parking and Transportation Services recently announced modifications to its parking enforcement procedures. The changes are designed to address parking compliance issues using the least punitive methods possible, while still effectively enforcing compliance with the University Parking Regulations. If you still have questions after reviewing the below Frequently Asked Questions, please email

When did the changes to the enforcement policies begin?

They began on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011.

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What are the benefits to booting vehicles instead of towing them?

First, the release fee for a “booted” vehicle is $60, while it is $100 for a towed vehicle. Secondly, Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) hopes that booting, while inconvenient, will prove to be less emotional and traumatic than having one’s vehicle towed. Finally, booting is a much more visible form of enforcement and hopefully will serve as an added visual incentive to others to park legally and to take care of parking fines as quickly as possible.

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Does PTS issue warnings before booting or impounding vehicles?

PTS issues warnings in different forms to most vehicles before immobilizing them with a boot; only in extenuating circumstances will PTS use a boot without any prior action. The first step in the notification process is the citation itself. Then, if we know the owner or operator of a vehicle, PTS will email that person four days after a citation is issued, and again 14 days after the fact. After a vehicle has accumulated three or more citations, PTS staff will attempt to issue a courtesy warning. As you can see, we have a number of outreach efforts in place to minimize the number of vehicles that are booted and/or impounded.

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My vehicle was towed. Doesn’t the new policy say that you won’t tow?

No, the new policy is only aimed at reducing the number of towed vehicles in instances where the vehicle has accumulated a number of outstanding citations, not at eliminating towing entirely. A number of situations exist that may result in towing of vehicles, including parking in a fire lane, parking in a restricted space such as ADA accessible or reserved spaces, altering or forging a permit, parking on an unpaid meter for over 24 hours, etc.

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So how exactly do I get this boot removed from my vehicle?

During normal office hours, call Parking and Transportation Services at (859) 257-5757. A parking control officer may be available to meet you at your vehicle and release the boot once all fines are paid. Otherwise, you will need to visit the office, located at Parking Structure #6 (corner of Press and Virginia Avenues). After hours, contact the University of Kentucky Police Department at (859) 257-8573.

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I don’t think I deserved to be cited/booted/towed. What are my options?

If you feel that we issued the citation or booted or impounded your car in error, you may submit an Appeal Form, either online or in person. Please note that appeals will not be accepted in certain situations; a list of these exceptions is available on the Appeal From page. All outstanding fines must be paid before you can appeal the action. If your vehicle was booted or towed, you will need to contact PTS or UKPD and pay all outstanding fines to get your vehicle released; if you were cited, you will need to pay the fine(s) online or in person.

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My vehicle was booted. Does this make me more likely to be booted in the future?

No, once a customer has paid all of their outstanding fines – including citations and impoundment fees -, they will have a clean slate with PTS.

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