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Citations & Appeals

Tickets, impoundments, fees, and the appeals process

Tickets and Impoundments

If your vehicle is parked in a spot not authorized by your permit, you are a candidate for a citation. The following are citation fees for both general and specific offenses:

  • Most citations: $25.00
  • Parking at an expired meter: $25.00
  • ADA accessible space: $100.00
  • Fire lane: $75.00
  • Use of altered, counterfeit, or registered lost or stolen parking permit issued to another person: $175.00
  • Parking in a disabled space or fire lane: Impoundment
  • Improper use of a permit: Impoundment
  • Having any outstanding tickets: Impoundment

Remember: You the permit holder shall be responsible for all parking violations involving vehicles displaying your permit.

Remember: Delinquent citations are reported to the Registrar. You could be prevented from registering for classes, adding/dropping classes, receiving transcripts, or graduating.


If you think that your car has been unfairly ticketed or impounded, you may file an appeal at Parking and Transportation Services within ten days. First, though, you must pay all outstanding citation, impoundment, and storage fees. Your appeal will be forwarded to the Parking Appeals Committee, which will notify you by mail of its decision. If your appeal is successful, you will receive a refund.

You also have the option of paying your citation or filing an appeal online.

Pay a Citation
File an Appeal