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Where Employees Can Park

"E" Permits

  • Areas designated for "E" permits
  • Areas designated for "C2" and "C7" permits
  • Loading zones (yellow and black striped areas) for a maximum of 15 minutes for the purpose of loading or unloading equipment, supplies, etc. Loading zones are controlled 24 hours a day.

Disabled Permits

  • Spaces designated for disabled persons
  • Any legal parking space not otherwise restricted by special signs or curb coloring; i.e., disabled permits are not valid in service areas or on blue-painted curbs.

Motorcycle/Moped Permits

  • Areas designated with green lines or signs indicating motorcycle parking

Service Permits

  • Areas designated with yellow and white striped lines, for a maximum of 45 minutes

Parking Meters

  • May be utilized on campus for short-term use
  • Check the meter post for the hours of control