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Where Employees Cannot Park

Painted Lines & Stripes on Curb

Avoid parking in spaces that have painted lines or stripes on the curb. These areas are restricted for one reason or another, and your car could be ticketed or impounded if you park there without an appropriate permit. Also watch for special signs indicating restricted parking. The best policy is "when in doubt, DON'T."

Yellow & White Striped Lines

Yellow and white striped lines indicate service areas, and require an "S" permit at all times. A fine of $25 could be yours if you're in a service area without a proper permit. These areas are limited to 45 minutes, and are controlled for permits from 5:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, unless otherwise posted.

Blue Lines

Blue lines are for special use only and require a blue line pass issued by a gate attendant or Parking Services. Employee "E" permits are not valid in these spaces.

Other Areas

Do not assume that if there are no signs indicating "No Parking" that you may park. All valid parking areas are clearly marked with signs indicating hours of control and which permits are allowed in each area.