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Overview of the proper use of driver permits


  • Valid Permits: Don't let anyone else use or buy your permit; it's only valid when you are the driver.
  • Forgotten Permits: If you forget your permit, you may obtain a temporary day pass at Parking Services (Parking control officers and gate attendants cannot issue a temporary pass to you). Should you forget your permit and receive a citation, Parking Services will void one citation each fiscal year if the citation is delivered to the Parking Office within ten days of the date the ticket was given.
  • Students: If you graduate in December or withdraw from classes, you return your permit to Parking Services. We will refund your permit fee in appropriate situations on a pro rata scale.
  • Employees: If you terminate employment with the University, you must return your permit to Parking Services immediately upon termination in order to be removed from payroll or to receive a refund. Any vehicle parked on campus displaying a permit of a terminated employee is subject to a citation and/or impoundment at the owner's expense.

Quick Reminders

  • If you lend your vehicle to someone else, you will still be held responsible for any citations issued to it.
  • There is no free parking on campus during controlled hours. All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid permit during these times.
  • Do not assume that because other cars are parked illegally that you may do so also.
  • Do not park on yellow lines or in fire lanes with hazard lights flashing. You will be subject to a citation and impoundment.
  • Do not leave notes in your vehicle for parking control officers -- notes will be disregarded.
  • Parking meters are available throughout campus for short-term parking -- some are limited to 45 minutes and others allow up to 3 hours. Be sure to check the time limits and hours of control posted on the meter.