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Creating a New Calendar Event

Step 1

Add Event:

On the calendar page click the button located in the top right corner.

Step 2

Log In:

If you are not logged into the site, you will be directed to do so using your linkblue account information.

Step 3

Once you are logged in
you are directed to the event creation form.

Fill out the form with the event information.


Click the  button 
if you would like to preview the event before saving.

Click the button
when you are ready to submit your event.


The "Public" checkbox is selected by default. By unchecking this box, your event will not appear in the calendar unless the person viewing the calendar is logged into the website.


Step 4

Editing your event

To edit your event click on the event in the calendar to take you to the event page

You are only able to edit events that YOU create. If you see an error with an event please contact Justin Sumner,



On the event page click "edit" in the menu under the event title.