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Agricultural Safety featured on new YouTube Channel

Useful and informative work safety videos are one click away on the new YouTube channel, “U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers,”  The channel is a joint project of 10 research, education and prevention centers funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), including the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention at the University of Kentucky.

The channel is being offered as a service to farm families, Extension agents, agricultural mechanics instructors and other teachers, as well as employers and managers in forestry, logging and commercial fishing/aquaculture. Videos can be used during job orientation, safety and health education, 4-H or FFA meetings, and high school or college classes. One benefit of YouTube is that videos can be accessed from mobile devices to conduct tailgate trainings in the field.  

“The channel is an inexpensive way to reach diverse audiences with safety and health information,” said project administrator Allison DeVries, High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (HICAHS/ Colorado).

The Centers look forward to receiving feedback on the videos from YouTube users: “Any stakeholder can quickly establish an account and exchange comments or ideas with us,” DeVries said.

Together with their colleagues at HICAHS and 8 other NIOSH-funded centers, the faculty and staff of the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention seek to advance the safety and health workers in production agriculture, forestry, and commercial fishing/aquaculture. These men and women suffer higher rates of fatal occupational injuries than workers in all other U.S. industrial sectors. “Our first goal is to prevent hurt and heartache among individuals and families,” said Dr. David Mannino, Director of the Southeast Center. “Our second is to avert the debilitating economic costs associated with work-related injuries, illness, and death.”

It is expected that nearly 60 peer-reviewed videos will be on the site by the end of the year, said technical administrator Aaron Yoder, Central States Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (Nebraska).  Topics include: respiratory protection, livestock safety, tractor and machinery safety, child development, emergency response, grain safety, pesticide safety, heat illness prevention and hearing protection. Visit the channel at Written inquiries may be directed to